London Eye – Renewed London

The 2012 Olympic Games are like a promise for London: the metropolis will continue its boom at the turn of the millennium.

London is an indisputable capital of theatre, art, finance and shopping.

Art galleries, film and music production houses dictate the cultural fashions of the planet and compete with New York.

And Paris in all this? Only the Eurostar remains for consolation...

As soon as you leave Waterloo Station, change your euros into pounds and forget about Paris.

Discover another city: lively, dynamic, which now has its Eiffel Tower. It's the London Eye.

Our favorite activity: London Eye: Private Capsule

Inaugurated in 2000, it is the highest panoramic wheel in the world (135 meters): an essential place for tourists. Londoners are also starting to like it.

In good weather (which even happens in London) the top of the wheel offers a magnificent view: to the west you can see as far as Windsor.

You will also discover that the "British Airways London Eye" has little "British blood in its veins": the engineering is Dutch, the nacelles are French...

Nevertheless, this wheel symbolizes the architectural revival that London has experienced in recent years; the new Tate Gallery, the Millennium Bridge (this one is actually very criticized), the new towers of the City, the Great Court of the British Museum.

To measure the extent of change. Let's go back.

In the 60s and 70s, despite the “swinging” of its music scene, London was said to be tarnished, aging.

These same years in Paris, it was the new wave in cinema, the Center Pompidou was born and the Concorde was soon going to fly. Today, the roles seem reversed.

It is London that is more dynamic than ever. The British metropolis shines above all in architecture. Not to mention politics: Thatcherism was succeeded by triumphant Blairism.

Opposing political avant-gardes, but which everyone tries to imitate. In the midst of all this renewal, in 2000 Londoners were very happy to be able to elect their mayor again. Another novelty from London.

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