Here are 10 essential visits to see and do in Amiens!

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Capital of the Somme, Amiens is a small town which is easily explored on foot and where life is good. She owns many cultural sites, but also amazing natural corners. For a weekend or for a longer trip, discover its historical heritage, you will be amazed! What to do in Amiens? Here are our 10 must-see visits:

Admire its cathedral

Dating from the XNUMXth century and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Notre-Dame d'Amiens Cathedral is the largest Gothic building ever to be built. Arcades, stained-glass windows, organ, rosettes, vaults… everything is absolutely grandiose! Depending on the time of year (summer or Christmas), the exterior is colored, a spectacle not to be missed after dark. For a 360 ° view of the city, climb the 300 steps of one of the towers: a great visit to do in Amiens!


Explore the Saint-Leu district

The historic center, crossed by the Somme, can be discovered through walks in its colorful alleys. Very photogenic, they will immerse you in the middle of the Middle Ages. The Saint-Leu district is a must to do in Amiens: you will discover splendid half-timbered houses with pastel facades, charming canals and a lively nightlife with many restaurants, bars and theaters. 

Narrow streets of the Saint-Leu district

Visit the house of Jules Verne

The famous writer is a real local star. An actor in the political life of the city, he notably supported the creation of the Circus, the largest solid circus in France, which today bears his name. His former home is a must-see in Amiens, especially if the weather is gloomy. The Jules Verne House will transport you to its fantastic imaginary universe and will delight young and old alike!

Jules Verne House

Stroll in Saint-Pierre Park

If there is one “nature” visit to do in Amiens, it is this one. The Saint-Pierre park is the green lung of the city, located a stone's throw from the Saint-Leu district. With family, friends, as a couple or on your own, it is the perfect place for a bucolic stroll. Sports grounds, playgrounds, trails along the lake ... you will spend a moment of relaxation and leisure, in the heart of the city!

Saint-Pierre park

Take a leap into prehistoric times

An exciting cultural outing to do in Amiens? Direction the Archaeological Garden of Saint-Acheul. This internationally renowned prehistoric site offers free or guided tours for discover the region's first peoples and their way of life. To play archaeologists, many participatory workshops are offered throughout the year, the opportunity to have a good time, while learning!

The archaeological garden of Saint-Acheul

Go to the Christmas market

What to do in Amiens in December? Throughout the month, the city is adorned with its finery: make way for magic! Ranked in the top 15 of the most beautiful European Christmas markets, the one in Amiens is definitely worth a visit. Over 130 chalets are set up in the historic center: you can drink mulled wine, taste comforting sweets, listen to Christmas carols, go ice skating and marvel at the giant tree that shines with a thousand lights!

The Christmas market in front of the Town Hall

Explore the Picardy Museum

A must-see visit to Amiens: inaugurated in 1867 under the eyes of Jules Verne, the Musée de Picardie is an architectural gem, built on the model of the Louvre. Inside are gatheredimportant collections of statues, sculptures and paintings, retracing the History of Art from prehistoric times to the present day. Throughout the year, the museum organizes temporary exhibitions, conferences and events. 

Picardy museum

Discover the hortillonnages

Here is an original walk to do in Amiens! The hortillonnages are gardens “on the water” which can only be discovered in a flat-bottomed boat, the “cones”. In the Middle Ages, the hortillons grew vegetables there. Even if the tradition still persists today, most of the plots have been transformed into pleasure gardens, to the delight of visitors. A timeless break not to be missed!


Participate in the Grande Réderie

Are you a bargain hunter at heart? Are you looking for a clearance sale to do in Amiens? Twice a year (in spring and fall) the city turns into a giant garage sale during its traditional Grande Réderie. It is the second most important event of this kind in France, after the Lille clearance sale. Go for a stroll among the stands to find a good deal, or simply enjoy the festive atmosphere!

The large Rederie

Take a trip to the zoo

Located in the Hotoie district, the Amiens Métropole Zoological Park is a green oasis in the heart of the city. Its 7 hectares are populated by nearly 500 animals from all over the world.. In addition to being a traditional zoo, the park emphasizes environmental protection and is committed to preserving endangered species. For a day, here is an exotic outing to do in Amiens!

The zoological park

Useful information

Here is some information to help you prepare your stay in Amiens:

  • Amétis, which manages transport in Amiens, offers the Heart of Town Shuttle, which crisscrosses the center and is free for all.  
  • The Tourist Office organizes themed guided tours, suitable for all ages.
  • Amiens is only 1h15 from Paris by motorway, ideal for a weekend getaway!

The essentials of Amiens and after?

So many great things to discover and do in Amiens! If you have more time, take the opportunity to visit the Baie de Somme (and observe seals with the family), or to explore the Hauts-de-France region, it is full of incredible places that it would be a shame to miss ... 

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