Tourism and wine: 4 ways to discover our vineyards with wine tourism

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Wine is definitely part of our national heritage, just like the superb vineyards of our terroirs and the adjoining properties. In addition, France is a particularly attractive land for travelers from all over the world. Now, tourism and wine are a good mix thanks to openness to the world of wine châteaux, who confide their best-kept secrets to passing visitors. On the program, themed tastings, guided tours of estates, nights in the middle of vines or winegrowers' aperitifs… wine tourism awaits you!

Tradition: stay in a gîte

To diversify their activity, some winegrowers have set up old sheds in lodges to accommodate tourists eager to discover the secrets of winemaking. Tourism and wine are then a very pleasant double pretext to dive into the secrets of the terroir. And thus share the life of the people who perpetuate it through their ancestral know-how.

Lunch in the heart of a vineyard

The hosts are most often passionate about their profession but also about hospitality. They are happy to introduce them to their farm, as well as their working methods. Near Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the superb Château de Boussargues offers you different accommodation options and the discovery of a legendary vineyard: the Côtes du Rhône. If you prefer bordeaux, try the adventure near the castle of Lascaux ideally located between Fronsadais and Libournais.

Nature: the wine routes

What better way to fully enjoy the vineyard landscapes than to change accommodation every day on a wine route ? By car, by bike or even on horseback, the possibilities are great to discover a region from all angles. Tourism and wine combine with the pleasure of the road to wander, the spirit nourished by novelties and the language always satisfied.

The Alsace wine route

Longest river in France, the Loire invites you to stroll through its languid meanders. Touraine, Saumur, Muscadet are as many feasts for the palate as for the eyes. The opportunity, why not, to also visit some of the Loire châteaux. The Loire wine industry will help you prepare for your stay. Unless you are tempted by Alsace, which offers equally striking landscapes.

Know-how: wine therapy

Recently, scientists have discovered that grapes have other properties besides making excellent wines. Grapes indeed contain antioxidant polyphenols, the feet and the branches resveratrol and viniferine. Combining tourism and wine is therefore also an opportunity to satisfy your body. And not just his palate!

Wine therapy

These products indeed have a beneficial action on the skin. So we can take care of yourself with grapes before going to visit the vineyard and of course taste an excellent wine. Pleasure is the best anti-stress therapy! The Caudalie brand is the leader in this new market. You can therefore relax in one of their spas near Bordeaux, in the middle of the Médoc vineyards.

Gift boxes

Tourism and wine are two related aspects in the hearts of many French people and to allow them to live out their desires in a simple way, some brands offer turnkey gift boxes. Here, the objective is to immerse the visitor in immersion, and to give him a unique, epicurean and adaptive experience.

These charming short stays combine the pleasure of visits to cellars or "châteaux" the art of tasting, all complemented at your convenience with small charming hotels, gourmet dinners, spa treatments or other golf courses. Some even include the provision of a private driver during the stay, so that your trip to the heart of the vineyards is coupled with a quality of service at the height of the greatest vintages!

Vineyards in Champagne

In a country like France, combining tourism and wine may seem obvious. It was still necessary to find formulas that meet the real expectations of taste travelers. With wine tourism, it is now possible to dive into the heart of what makes French heritage so proud. Warm encounters, unique sensory discoveries and high added value comfort experiences are all reasons to get started, to finally touching the quintessence of the pleasure of the senses.

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