Costa Rica, a model of sustainable tourism

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A haven of peace focused on the environment

Costa Rica, a name that smells of the sun and smells like vacations! Even eco-citizen vacations! In Costa Rica, literally “rich coast”, tourism is doing quite well. Beaches and sun: all the ingredients of mass tourism… and yet. This country is today an ideal destination for lovers of sustainable tourism.

A paradise country

A small Central American country between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is a true paradise and is on the way to succeeding in its bet to bet on solidarity and sustainable tourism to the detriment of mass tourism. This strip of land of only 51 km000 brings together the most diverse landscapes: tropical forest, valley, volcanoes and dream beaches. The center of the country benefits from a microclimate: it is around 2 ° C throughout the year.

To the west of the country the Pacific Ocean, to the east the fabulous Caribbean Sea. Two seasons punctuate coastal life: summer (from December to May), the dry season, and a rainy season the rest of the year. It is an ideal destination, especially when winter is well established here. And the Costa Ricans will receive you very warmly! The only downside: plants, animal species have long been threatened with extinction ... The main culprit: tourism.

… Safe and sound

According to the definition of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), sustainable tourism is a way of doing tourism without exploiting a country, while respecting culture and the environment. Better: tourism contributes to the enrichment of the country which can thus invest in the protection of its fauna and its flora. Concretely, in Costa Rica, not a tree is now cut without authorization! This helps prevent hotel complexes, among others, from damaging this precious landscape.

The culture of the country is naturally turned towards the environment and this, since the 50s. But there is nothing really surprising there: the country concentrates 6% of the biodiversity of the world while its surface represents only 0,03 % of land area. Thanks to the sustainable tourism program, 25% of the territory is protected: there are more than 19 national parks and 8 biological reserves to visit! The intensive reforestation implemented even allows the forest to regain ground. Small victory: today the country is in fifth place in the world for the respect of the environment!

To learn more

To experience a stay close to nature and take itineraries off the beaten track, two contacts: Costa Rica Voyages, a limited company which organizes trips for small groups (10 people maximum); Caminando Costa Rica, an agency created by a French and a Costa Rican, particularly favors collaboration with local cooperatives, local guides and small producers. Excellent reasons to encourage you to book your plane ticket… now!

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