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The essentials on the mores of the "British" or how to know everything about the "British attitude"!

Clothing: foreigners arriving in England are often surprised by the lack of clothing English women wear.

The queues in front of nightclubs are revealing from this point of view. Whether it's -12°, rain or shine, our English women proudly wear mini skirts (the “belts”! or belts) and little cropped tops while you shiver from the cold.

Otherwise, you will see a lot of extravagant outfits on the streets: striped socks above the knee, skirts as fluorescent as the hair, piercings, tattoos, etc.

So let go, here no one will look at you askance! Everything is allowed !


When we think of England, we often have the image of drab houses made of dark brick.

In reality, English houses are mostly a row of brightly colored houses!

Here is another "so typically British" element: the sink with two taps!!

One for hot water, the other for cold water… Indeed, they haven't invented lukewarm water yet!

So, even if it's right next door, a change of scenery is guaranteed!

Finally, among the local specificities, let's mention in bulk: the pound sterling, the degree Farenheit, the miles, the pints of beer, the very special atmosphere of the pubs, the fish and chips and above all the national pride!

On the occasion of the World Cup, English flags bloomed everywhere on cars and houses... "Come on England"!

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