Boxing Day in Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath

Spend Boxing Day discovering some of England's famous ancient sites. Photograph Windsor Castle, marvel at the mystery of Stonehenge, and tour the impressive architecture of Bath.


  • Done in English
  • Professional, friendly and informative guide
  • Lunch included
  • Seasonal offer

Begin your tour in Windsor, where you will have the opportunity to take photographs of the famous Windsor Castle – the home of the Queen of England

Continue to Stonehenge where you can check out the ancient stone circle, which was erected between 3000 and 1600 BC. Stonehenge remains a place of wonder and mystery. Who were the people who built it? Why did they build it? This 5.000-year-old mystery still intrigues experts and visitors alike to this day.

Break for a traditional English lunch in the picturesque Wiltshire town of Amesbury, close to the site of Stonehenge. Please refer to the itinerary section below for a sample menu.

After lunch, your tour will continue to Bath, a spectacularly beautiful city that is situated on the River Avon. The city's compactness and remarkable architecture of Roman baths and sweeping Georgian terraces, combine to produce one of the most elegant sights in Europe. Here you will have a guided tour highlighting some of the buildings that Bath is famous for, the Royal Crescent, Pulteney Bridge. the Roman baths and the spectacular Bath Abbey.

Please note:

Windsor Castle and the Roman Baths are closed to visitors on Boxing Day. You will see them from the outside only.

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