What to see in Santiago: the 10 must-see places

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We often hear about Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro. Santiago, a little less known and often neglected by most travelers, is no less interesting. On the contrary, it remains a dynamic capital (of Chile) with a thousand and one things to see and do. Santiago is a city planted in a majestic setting between hills and mountains. Santiago also has a pleasant climate, with a hot and dry summer and a rather mild and little rainy winter. I therefore suggest that you make a Top 10 of the must-sees in Santiago de Chile.

1) Paris-London district

If you love European cities, you won't be disappointed. Narrow streets with cobblestones will surely remind you of old European quarters. This district is located in the old gardens of the Convent of San Francisco. The buildings were built in the 1920s, in very diverse styles such as the neocolonial style, the Renaissance style or the Beaux Arts style.

2) Lastarria district

“I'm talking about a time that those under 20 cannot know…”, an aria that could be sung in this very bohemian district of Santiago. The area is located between Cerro Santa Lucia and Parque Forestal. This district was popular with intellectuals at the end of the XNUMXth century, without ever losing it. It is super nice to go there for a drink on the terrace. If you go from Thursday to Saturday, a flea fair and booksellers will be present, not to mention the many artist galleries, cultural centers, bookstores and museums.

3) Cerro Santa Lucia

What to escape from the city spirit and the urban activities of Santiago. This park, located on the 629-meter hill, is very pleasant for a daytime walk, I mean daytime, because it should be avoided at night. It overlooks the historic district and the Rio Mapocho.

4) Tour sky Costanera

Very young in 2014, but already 300 meters high, this tower is the new attraction of Santiago. Nicknamed the Gran Torre Santiago, it offers an exceptional panorama of 360 degrees and 50 km around the urban area and the Cordillera. This tower is the tallest skyscraper in the South American continent, with 62 floors and less than a minute to reach the top… MAGICAL.

5) The Counts

This district is in fact a municipality of Greater Santiago. A bit like Boulogne is in Paris, it is one of the elegant districts of the capital. We are divided between beautiful villas and modern towers dedicated to businesses.

6) Brasil district

Long neglected, it was put back on its feet by artists in the 1990s. They have succeeded in bringing it back to life and the popular atmosphere it once had, especially in the evenings around Plaza Brasil.

7) Quinta Normal Park

Huge 36-hectare park, it is the most beautiful in the Chilean capital. It is very busy on weekends because you can go pedal boat-type boating, sport, visit the science and technology museum or the railway museum. All this park was created by the French Claude Gay in 1834.

8) Artequin Museum

This museum has a special history. Built in France in 1889, it was dismantled and reassembled in Santiago. The building is magnificent and houses copies of the great artistic works of the last 5 centuries, presented in an educational and fun way.

9) Museum of Natural History of Santiago

Founded in 1830 by French naturalist Claude Gay, in Quinta Normal park, it is one of the oldest museums in the Americas.

10) MAC

The Contemporary Art Museum of Santiago has two centers, one in the Forestal Park, the other in Quinta Normal. More than 3000 works are presented there. This artistic center is classified as a historical monument. A real cultural full.

Something to reassure you when with the activities offered in the Chilean capital.

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