What to see in the Netherlands? 15 must-see visits!

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An avant-garde country with deep-rooted traditions, the Netherlands and its paradoxes attract travelers with very different profiles. Everyone will find what they are looking for as the range of attractions exceeds the sometimes stereotypical image of this country with resources still unsuspected by the general public.. Its extraordinary historical and cultural heritage, its grandiose settings and its original sweetness of life make this European region a first-rate stopover.. There is so much to see in the Netherlands ...

Discover the 15 must-see visits to come back in love with your Dutch getaway!

Meet one of the last master millers

Respect for tradition, old-fashioned work in connection with nature, step into the incredible daily life of a master miller! Some still produce up to 1 kilograms of flour every day. The discovery of the "Windotter" windmill, which dates from 000 and dominates the small town of Ijsselstein, is enough to disconcert more than one. His visit promises you a moment out of time and rich in learning thanks to the transmission ofan ancestral savoir-faire.

The Windotter mill

Navigate the canals of the village, without road, of Giethoorn

Here, all trips can be considered by boat! This timeless place plunges you into an unexpected universe in the very heart of the Netherlands. This atypical village with its thatched-roof houses, its tangled canals mingled with dense green vegetation, offers you a unique moment of peace. No cars are allowed in Geithoorn, only boats, bicycles or pedestrians are welcome to venture into this hamlet on the fringes of city hustle and bustle.


Eat "maatjes" in a fishing village

Although Volendam is the most famous place to indulge in the tasting of the famous Dutch herring, you will be spoiled for choice to taste the typiques « buddies ». Indeed, many authentic and picturesque ports, with such a special atmosphere, offer you to taste a multitude of fish. In Urk, Harligen or Elburg, stroll between old houses, historic sailing ships and fishing boats. In Spakenburg, learn about the technique of smoking fish. A must visit to see in the Netherlands!


Visit a clog factory in Zeeland

Curious to know more about the traditional technique of making clogs? See you in a "Klompenmakerij"! A Zeeland factory allows you moreover learn more about the production methods of these tireless wooden shoes and the craftsmanship of the time. A clog maker explains how this iconic product is made and answers all your questions. Why not bring back a clog as a souvenir? Their decorative use is surprising.

Wooden clogs

Observe the beavers in the Biesbosch

This nature reserve, located not far from Dordrecht, is one of the largest to see in the Netherlands. She is accessible almost only by waterways. Its rivers, forests and swamps allow you an unforgettable immersion in nature. The richness of the flora and fauna of this natural park make it famous. The beavers, reintroduced to this area several years ago, give the place a particular interest.. Why not observe these rodents with webbed legs discreetly from your canoe?


Discover the “hofjes” of Gouda

This city with a warm welcome is of course famous for its cheese, still sold every week at the traditional market. However, it offers you a host of other activities. Stroll through the alleys of the village and take the opportunity to discover its astonishing interior courtyards, called "hofjes", scattered all over the place. Still inhabited, you will not be able to enter, but the look is worth the detour. To the delight of the most curious, one of these places has been converted into a pleasant bistro, the “Hofje van Jongkind”. Do not miss !


Watching for birds on the island of Tiengemeten

This oasis, accessible only by ferry, is located a stone's throw from Rotterdam. This haven of peace immerses you in a unique natural setting and helps you forget the hustle and bustle of the city in the blink of an eye. This practically uninhabited island can be visited on foot or by bike and is ideal for observing several species of birds. Let yourself be captivated by its meadows, hairy cows and birds that sometimes come from afar. Want to cut yourself off from the world for one night? Some charming accommodations promise you a wonderful night imbued with serenity.

Tiengemeten Island

Taste traditional bread in Maastricht

Maastricht has unparalleled charm thanks to its rustic alleys in which it is good to get lost. Fancy a little break? Sit down on one of its pleasant terraces. Then cross the impressive, entirely paved Vrijhof Square to reach the “Bisschopsmolen” a little further on. This old water mill, still in operation, can be visited free of charge. A traditional bakery, nestled within the building, allows you to taste a tasty bread prepared with all the skills of our ancestors. A true delight !

Le Bisschopsmolen

Cycling along the Dutch coast

This is no surprise to anyone, cycling is a real institution in the Netherlands ! The international North Sea route, also called “Noordzeeroute”, invites you to a scenic cycle ride, at your own pace, along the coast. This route crosses coastal villages, country roads and also winds between the polders. It allows you to experience Zeeland quite differently. For the more courageous, know that the journey ends in Boulogne-sur-Mer! All in the saddle, for the distance of your choice!

The land of cycling

Admire the mills of Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk, very close to Rotterdam, invites you to learn more about the epic management of water in this region, for more than 1 years. The walk along the canals, between the alleys of mills, promises you a unique spectacle ! The ride can be done on foot or by bike, or even by boat. The loop route is recommended in order to fully enjoy this magical place and a greater number of mills. One of the must-see places in the Netherlands!

The mills of Kinderdijk

Take to the open sea in the Wadden Sea

Also to see in the Netherlands, the Wadden Sea, made up of around fifty islands, offers an incomparable ecological treasure. Only five islands remain inhabited and the particular rhythm of life is adapted to that of the marshes. This still preserved place has a thriving ecosystem. In addition to the thousands of plant and animal species, the region is a stopover of choice for migrating birds. Perhaps you will even have the chance to come across some… seals!

The wadden sea

Explore one of Friesland's national parks, the Lauwersmeer

Together with the island of Schiermonnikoog, the Drents-Friese Wold reserve and the Alde Feanen park, the Lauwersmeer is one of the four Frisian national parks to see in the Netherlands. The intact natural state of the place transports visitors and the diversity of forests, peat bogs and marshes delights nature lovers.. This magnificent nature reserve is famous for bird watching, but also splendid wild orchids in spring. Horses roam the island and maintain it in their own way. Far from any light pollution, a night walk is perfect to observe a surprisingly starry sky.


Visit the fascinating Dutch cities

The famous cities of the Netherlands will not leave you indifferent! With their charm sometimes outdated, sometimes contemporary, these villages offer you a city welcome without pretense.. Depending on the opportunities, you will have the opportunity to discover sometimes offbeat places, impressive historical monuments and alleys of unparalleled authenticity. Whether you immerse yourself in Rotterdam's naval history, let yourself be carried away by the festivities of Amsterdam, whether you are seduced by the earthenware of Delft or even by the delicious local products of Leiden, the urban immersion will amaze you.  


Stroll through the Keukenhof Gardens

With nearly a million visitors annually, this botanical garden attracts the curious, enthusiasts, families and passing travelers alike. Often associated with the tulip, the emblematic flower of the Netherlands, this place invites you to discover a multitude of varieties of lilies, daffodils and hyacinths, but also hundreds of perennials. The largest flower exhibition park in the world, it promises you an abundance of colors and a profusion of scents. This flowery treasure of the Netherlands invites you to a breathtaking spectacle!

Le parc Keukenhof

Stroll through the alleys of Dordrecht

Lose yourself unashamedly in the winding little streets of this bewitching little town. Stroll through the alleys, walk along its enchanting canals and ancient facades, cross its elegant footbridges and let yourself be carried away by its past steeped in history. You will enjoy visiting the place on foot, with ease, and soak up the medieval atmosphere of the place. Take a peek at one of the countless museums or historic buildings, visit landmarks like the Grote Kerk and relax near the marina.


The essentials of the Netherlands… What next?

All these sensational places to see in the Netherlands will amaze you and make you want to extend your stay. Do not hesitate to cross some borders! Belgium and its legendary hospitality are just a stone's throw from Maastricht! Even if the fascinating Berlin is a bit remote, try a little foray into German soil.

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