Climate in Chillán: when to go

Climate in Chillán: when to go

Annual average climate in Chillán

To start, here are the key elements of the climatic averages over the whole year in Chillán:

  • Minimum annual temperature: 7°C
  • Average annual temperature: 18°C
  • Maximum annual temperature: 29°C
  • Precipitation: 65 mm/month (with 7 rainy days/month)

Monthly climate normals

Min / Max Precipitation
January 12 ° / 31 ° -
february 11 ° / 30 ° 84mm / 4 days
March 9th / – 18mm / 3 days
April 6th / – 40mm / 3 days
may - / - -
June 6th / – -
July 3th / – -
August 5th / – -
September 5th / – 105mm / 12 days
October 7th / – 78mm / 11 days
November 8 ° / 25 ° -
December 10 ° / 28 ° -

These weather averages were generated using data from the GENERAL BERNARDO O HIGGINS weather station. The latter is located in Chile, 7 km from Chillán and is located at an altitude of 151 meters.

The best time to go (and the worst)

Also, here is some additional information that should allow you to choose which is the right month to leave, or the less good months.

Which are the warmest months in Chillan?

In Chillán, the months of the year with the highest maximum temperatures are:
January (with 31°C), february (with 30°C), December (with 28°C), …

What are the coldest months?

The months of the year with the lowest average temperatures in Chillán are:
November (with 17°C), December (with 19°C), february (with 21°C), …

Which are the driest months in Chillan?

In Chillán, the months of the year with the fewest rainy days are:
March (with 3 rainy days/month), April (with 3 rainy days/month), february (with 4 rainy days/month), …

What are the rainiest months?

The months with the most rainy days in Chillán are:
September (with 12 rainy days/month), October (with 11 rainy days/month), february (with 4 rainy days/month), …

What is the weather around?

Nearby cities with a similar climate

Other cities very close to Chillán could have weather fairly similar:
San Carlos (24 km from Chillán), Bulnes (23 km), Coihueco (24 km), …

Around Chillan

You might also be interested in these cities:
Talcahuano (91 km from Chillán), Curicó (197 km), …

In Chile

Check the climate forecasts for other major cities in Chile:
Santiago do Chile (374 km from Chillan), Antofagasta (1450 km), Talcahuano (91 km), Temuco (241 km), Arica (2024 km), Coquimbo (743 km), Puerto Montt (546 km). 450 km), Osorno (370 km), Valdivia (1041 km), Copiapo (XNUMX km),

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