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A surreal masterpiece

Now that you are in Barcelona, ​​you inevitably think that a trip to the Dali museum is essential and that you could even take the opportunity to go to Cadaques.

I grant you the idea is excellent, but you have to get up early for this day which promises to be busy.

Our favorite activity: Visit of Girona, Figueres and the Dali museum

Figueres is located 140km to the north, but rest assured there are many transport options that will take you there.

The proximity of the station as well as the frequency of departures push me to opt for the train journey (2H).

Before going to the museum, you will cross this charming town which also has its Rambla (quieter) where it is good to walk.

It is impossible not to find the museum since the whole city is invaded by road signs that indicate the direction of the holy consecration.

There you are, I can already hear you “we did well to leave early” (thank you and yes, the time has come to take your troubles patiently and queue like everyone else.

It is here that the largest European collection of the artist is exhibited, so imagine that the site attracts crowds.

Here you are finally in THE "Teatre-Museu Dali", much more than a museum, this place constitutes a real surrealist universe.

A work of art in its own right conceived and designed by Salvador Dali.

It is no coincidence to be able to admire this marvel in Figueres since it is the cradle of the master.

He was born there in 1904, exhibited his first paintings there (at the municipal theatre), founded his own museum there and even wished to be buried there.

It's not surprising to feel its presence, to feel caught up in its cosmos as soon as you walk through the door.

Everything here seems impregnated, a singular atmosphere emerges, here he is the guide but you interpret him. You will be seduced by the "Face of Mae West", "Poetry of America" ​​and so many other works.

Above all, don't miss "Gala naked looking at the sea..." without forgetting to take a step back... I leave you the pleasure of the surprise. You can also discover the jewels he designed in the Dali-Bijoux space (included in the ticket).

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Guided tours of Figueres and Girona

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Gala Place - Salvador Dali, 5


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