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The old cathedral

Construction dating from the twelfth century, we will appreciate the evolution of the style of architecture: the three naves in Romanesque style supporting formidable vaults of resolutely Gothic influence. Of remarkable interest, we will note, among other things, the impressive set of Gothic paintings in the chapel of Saint Martin. The representation of the scene of the Saint sharing his mantle with a beggar, surmounting the entrance to the chapel, is particularly striking for its size and age.

Do not leave without having taken a look at the various chapels, the cloister and the two splendid and majestic towers of the cathedral (including the one containing the famous commemorative bell).

The new cathedral

The new cathedral, of more recent construction, as its name suggests, is still a 275-year-old lady. Here, on the other hand, the construction boasts a more marked architectural coherence. Entirely covered in Gothic style, it has nevertheless been subject to some decorative outbursts of more recent influences. Letting the light of day radiate, the stained glass windows with which Madame adorns herself come originally from Flanders.

As for the facade, a veritable petrified lace, offers the leisure of endless walks of the gaze and one can, among other things, appreciate the fine work of restoration, of which a little astronaut and a demon licking an ice cream cone are the mischievous witnesses. !

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