Barcelona with the Family: what to visit with children?

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Barcelona is a city made for families! And I'm not saying that because our daughter was born there? The megalopolis offers, in fact, a great diversity of activities for children as well as for parents. Amazement is on every street corner: parents will see the remains of the splendor of Catalan Art Nouveau, and children will let themselves be lulled by the fantasy of Spanish artists. A city which also presents a beautiful balance between beach, town planning, and large gardens. Here is our selection of things to see or do with your tribe.

Notes : do not hesitate to also draw your ideas from our essentials that you will take care to adapt according to your family configuration.

1. Our favorite tours with a child

Getting lost in Horta's labyrinth

Horta Labyrinth Park is Barcelona's oldest park. It is also a full-fledged example of 18th century neoclassical gardens. But these few details will surely not interest your offspring: the motivation of the children will go to the cypress maze in its center. This labyrinth kept us busy for a while and sometimes gave us a hard time (the video speaks for itself). The rest of the park is obviously worth a look and will ensure a very pleasant half-day, far from the crowds of the city center.
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Explore Spain through Poble Espanyol

Montjuic hill is already an attraction in itself, and even more so if you get there by cable car (to be taken from the port). Between the majestic buildings worthy of the most beautiful castles and the wide open spaces for running or having fun, Poble Espanyol is an essential stopover for any family traveling to Barcelona. This open-air museum presents all the riches of Spain through reconstructions of each territory of the country. You will thus pass from Madrid to Andalusia in a few steps, through the intersecting pedestrian streets.
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Let yourself be lulled by the Magic Fountains

A fabulous show for children

In the evening, and always in Montjuïc, an astonishing spectacle of musical fountains takes place. Sounds and lights will make you beat the rhythm and amaze the whole family. Our daughter (who recently did it again when she was 5) loved it: she thought she was the conductor controlling the fountains and the music. The older ones will vibrate to the tunes of Freddy Mercury or harmonic orchestras and will be ecstatic in front of this plume of colors.
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Have fun at Tibidabo Amusement Park

View from Tibidabo hill

This amusement park is one of the best ways to spend a good day having fun with the family. And surprisingly, it is also one of the oldest in the world: this park is indeed more than a century old! This gives it a charm of yesteryear with certain attractions kept since the origin. But the park has also evolved with the times and offers modern and impressive attractions. And to top it off, you'll have one of the best views over Barcelona.
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Swimming at the beach in Barceloneta

The beach in Barceloneta

The beaches: it always works with children! So nothing better than a break by the sea to change your sightseeing in the city. In addition, many bars and restaurants line the various beaches, allowing parents to enjoy a drink in the sun, while the youngest have fun in the sand. A FAVORITE MIJOTO!

2. To do also with the family ...

Small, pleasant breaks to take with the family between two visits or activities.

Taste a “chocolate con churros” at La Nena

Our favorite cafe / chocolate shop when we were expats in Barcelona. In the heart of the Gracia district, this retro-looking place will delight young and old alike. Dip your churros or melindros (a sort of boudoir) in your cup of creamy chocolate, and taste their homemade whipped cream ... A treat ?! Meanwhile, the little ones can enjoy the toys provided while you play a board game with the rest of the family.
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Discover the Ciutadella park

A very pretty park, not that big, but full of curiosities (a life-size mammoth, a majestic fountain) and all kinds of activities (boat rides, bubble blowers, open-air dance rehearsals, etc. ). A pleasant break before leaving for a visit.

3. If you don't know what to do anymore ...

I will not dwell on these next ideas which - for me - are not inevitably things that are worth seeing when you come to Barcelona with the family… Or quite simply, they do not correspond to my values. In short, just know that they exist, if that really tempts you.

  • The zoological park : the discovery of the 500 species of the park can last a whole morning/daytime. On the program: dolphin show, observation of tropical birds, reptiles, felines and other species. But like many zoos, the enclosures are small, and not always well maintained. So, do we go there to please the little one, or do we shun the place for the animal condition?
  • l'aquarium : in addition to its dozens of pools and hundreds of species, it is above all the 80-meter underwater tunnel that will amaze your children. Same question as before ...
  • L’IMAX : surely you already know the concept (spectacular projections on giant screens)? Nothing new, but maybe a fallback solution in case of rain.

Barcelona for young and old

All you have to do is mix the ideas! Also draw from our selection of essentials, taking care to adapt the visits: interest your children in stories, and above all, do not shield your days too much! Also watch out for certain visits which can have very long queues (cf. Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell) and become a nightmare for your children. Keep in mind that Barcelona is a big city where you can quickly walk a lot. So reduce the schedule, and leave the field free for moments of simple rest or relaxation with your children ...

On the giant slides of Parc Diagonal Mar
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