Bathing in the sea in Paris is possible!

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Go to a spa, stay in Paris!

We know that there are more and more thalassotherapy enthusiasts among you. This prompted us to go to the recent wellness fair in Paris. And it's fun to see how far the exhibitors have come to bring us their treasures. The exotic is at the rendezvous. Massages are Japanese or Tahitian. Divers bring back pearls from the sea to erase our cellulite. New algae are arriving on our plates and the marine elastin will transform us into magnificent mermaids.

A little baobab powder?

The “super foods”, boosters of our organism, come from very far! Explorers had to face the dangers of the Amazon jungle and climb the highest peaks of Peru, passing through New Zealand and Sri Lanka to bring back these treasures that are energy foods: guarana, acai, maca, gomphrena, stevia , goji berries, cat's claws, black Maori forces ...

Back to the roots

Nature is our ally: let's wake up the bear that sleeps in us! Let's sleep in yurts or on bamboo mattresses, dress in vegetal blouses, take our little legged companion to see an animal psychologist for emotional communication. Organic and living foods remain in the spotlight as the detox and gluten-free trend.

Well-being in a connected version

Which therapist to choose? Which approach would suit you best? The Bliss site was created to bring together and find more easily the professionals of alternative medicine. With the internet, feng shui consultations are done remotely using cameras. Connected diagnostics allow you to analyze your indoor air. Food intolerance tests with dietetic assessments now exist as well as small connected devices, to facilitate falling asleep. Distance coaching is booming as well as online wellness training.

Journey to the heart of Parisian spas: sensory exploration

Paris does not only host the wellness fair. It is the dream capital for those who wish to experience new bodily sensations and enjoy the benefits of thalasso. Luxury, voluptuousness, excesses and sweet follies. We only have one life ! Sublime messages from the world: Tai, Ayurvedic, Polynesian. Exceptional oils and cosmetics, facials with gold leaf or honey, oriental scrubs with black soap. Ginger baths await you as well as divine scents: mandarin, tiare flower, red amber.

Try unusual experiences such as aquatic plantar reflexology, healing lights and music, imagine! Sea baths in the heart of Paris! The worries fly away in small volutes of steam in the hammam or are diluted in the heat of the sauna. A flute of champagne in a jacuzzi? What more could you ask for in life?

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