Austria: stunning photos of a house on the head

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The surprising visit of a house built… upside down!

A crazy project born in Austria

As you walk through the village of Terfens-Vomperbach in the Austrian Tyrol, you will be irresistibly drawn to an unusual house. You think you are dreaming when you see a pretty house planted on its roof, but when you approach closer, you discover with amazement that the house was intentionally built upside down.

Indeed, Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozanski, two Polish architects, spent eight months building a unique house in the world with the aim of creating an original tourist attraction in the region. The Haus steht Kopf project has been completed since May 5, 2012 and the result is impressive, especially since the accommodation is fully furnished.

A disorienting and dizzying museum

This house built upside down attracts countless tourists curious to see its layout. The visit plays with gravity, you walk on the ceiling and the furniture ends up above your head. And when you turn right or go upstairs, you wonder which direction to take. The concept is really twisted but the visit is most fun.
When you look at the photos taken in this fabulous home, you still won't believe your eyes to have walked through one of the upstairs windows as the main entrance. And what about the fully equipped garage, do you have your head down or the car parked on the ceiling?

Above all, do not take a shower, you risk creating water damage. When you leave your home, you might as well be totally confused and that you will not soon forget this extraordinary visit, which will give you a very unusual glimpse of Austrian Tyrol!

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