Auto Travel Insurance: Are You Well Covered?

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Whether for a road trip or a few days in a neighboring country, it is important to have good auto insurance when traveling. For this, it is essential to know the coverage of your auto insurance. Because a disaster can happen, it is better to be aware of the guarantees and exclusions that are in the contract. This will allow you to purchase term insurance if needed. It is by taking the necessary precautions that you will be more confident during your journey!

Auto insurance for international travel

If you are staying more than 6 months abroad

If you ever stay more than 6 months in the same foreign country, you will need:

  • a registration of the place in question
  • local insurance

Normally, this rule does not apply for international students. If this is your case, then you can keep your registration and keep your normal auto insurance. Provided of course, that the one you have taken out guarantees the country where you are. Do not hesitate to call your insurer!

Safe driving

For a short stay abroad

For a short stay abroad, verification of your current insurance coverage is required. If you are traveling through a country not covered by your ordinary protection, you will then need to insure your vehicle for a short period. In this case, by using a special search engine for temporary travel auto insurance like, you will be able to find what suits you best in the current market.

Term insurance allows you to insure your vehicle for a period of 1 to 90 days. To be able to subscribe, certain conditions must be met:

  • Being older than 21
  • Have held a driving license for more than 2 years
  • Be under the age of 70

The "third party" insurance is the basic one. The one that allows you to be covered in the event of an accident with a third party. To this, you can add additional items such as broken glass, theft or damage, etc. Of course, the premium for your travel auto insurance will depend on of the guarantees subscribed, but also the coefficient of your Bonus / Malus and the nature of your vehicle.

Ideally, you should choose insurance that has 24-hour telephone assistance. Because it is then possible to contact them without worrying about the time difference. Whether it's just to cross it or stay there for a while, if your car insurance does not cover the foreign countries where you drive, then you will need to take out temporary insurance.

How to prepare for traveling abroad with your vehicle?

To prepare for your trip, there are a few things to plan for. As well to have on oneself compulsory papers :

  • The driver's driving license 
  • Vehicle insurance certificate (which is usually on the windshield)
  • Insurance certificate

However, you must also prepare well for your arrival in the country you will be crossing. Because depending on the place, the rules of conduct may be different :

  • In some countries (such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia or Japan), you have to drive on the left
  • In the USA, the priority on the right does not exist
  • And many more functions

It is therefore essential to check everything in anticipation of your trip, whether it is for your car insurance while traveling, the papers to take, but also for the regulations on the level of driving.. Whether you are going on a road trip on legendary roads, for a short stay, or simply if you have to drive a little in a foreign country, you will need to be insured.

American Road Trip

That is why, using an auto insurance comparator can help you find the best deals. Otherwise, we must admit that it is not always easy to navigate! Comparators are useful both for insuring yourself in France and for finding auto insurance while traveling. Enough to take your decision in peace. In this way, you can take the time to check the insurance levels, the indemnities in the event of a loss, the services offered, and of course, the payments to be made. For more peace of mind during your stay, it is better to plan ahead in all preparations for departure.

You are organizing a trip or have already traveled with your vehicle abroad: what checks do you think are necessary? Give us your tips in the comments!

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