15 photos of simply beautiful airplanes

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Photos that inevitably make you want to go on a trip

Passionate about photography and aviation, James Carroll is an artist who, through the lens of his camera, interprets the marriage of airplanes with the sky. The result is exceptional ...

Planes as beautiful as they are impressive

This American based in Los Angeles takes striking photos of contrasts and sizes to offer powerful and touching images at the same time: Airbus, Boeing… all kinds of planes printed on a sky background to convey strong emotions.

What began as a simple hobby has become for him a whole passion that he continues to develop to offer us, Internet spectators, the beauty and the magic of airplanes in the air. At the sight of these images of planes taking off or landing, you feel so close that you have the impression of being able to touch them with your fingertips ... a bit like at Saint-Martin airport !

Pictures full of poetry

James Carroll achieves the feat of transforming these mechanical monsters into true angels of the sky, mixing the poetry of landscapes with the overhead lines of planes. Sometimes against a background of sunset, sometimes in full aerial acrobatics or in full take-off, on a background of a full moon or even on a sky speckled with clouds, Carroll manages like few other artists to reproduce in photos the beauty of his titans of the air. Aircraft heavier than air that make us think of fairy birds distilling lightness and poetry.

Today, James Carroll has more than 15 followers on Instagram. So, are you ready to go on board with him? Immediate take-off!

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