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Let's discover together the exceptional places of Malaga. We will be able to appreciate and discover its historical sites but also its less known traditions, its famous central market with all its stalls of traditional products such as wine, desserts….. and finally the daily life of the Spaniards.

It takes about 2:00/2:30 for this visit. This introduction to Malaga culture includes a tasting of one of the region's traditional sweet wines at the city's best wine cellar, plus other must-see attractions:

– The cathedral, which the locals call "La Manchotte" (one-armed woman), the central market where we will savor "The heart of Malaga" (Stuffed Fig) and learn to choose the famous "Iberico" ham, the square of the Constitution where the Spaniards singularly celebrate the new year. the "Piazza Merced" made famous by Pablo Picasso himself who was born there!! The tour will continue with a visit to the XNUMXst century Risksky Theater and the Arabian Flight. a courtyard passage in front of the house of Antonio Banderas. This visit promises a lot of historical and cultural discoveries in a light and playful way. Neither stressful nor tiring, this excursion will leave you plenty of time to visit the museums, the beach or for a dinner-dance.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to discover this incredible city that is MALAGA !! 

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