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    Visit Dubai: all the practical information for an unforgettable stay

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    Have you chosen your destination or are you about to get started? You are very interested in the United Arab Emirates and you would like to visit Dubai. Be aware that you will need to do this a few months in advance in order to prepare your trip to this dream destination as well as possible. So that nothing escapes you when making your reservations, here is our complete guide to your stay in Dubai!

    Choose the best time to visit Dubai

    You should know that in Dubai, the weather is always nice and warm. Rain is only present very rarely. So there isn't necessarily a better time to visit Dubai. We can still distinguish 3 different periods:

    • From November to April, this is the best time to visit the city. The climate will be quite temperate, neither too hot nor too cold. Prices will be affordable and it will not be the biggest tourist season.
    • The least favorable time to stay in Dubai is summer, temperatures are regularly around 50 ° and the air is very humid. Despite this, summer remains a very touristy period because the prices are very low. Tourists take the opportunity to shop and visit air-conditioned places.
    • However, it is the months of May and October who win the highest prizes and the greatest tourist influx. The temperatures are hot but largely bearable. The nights are quite cool and the days at the seaside are relaxing.

    PRACTICAL TIPS : View Dubai weather statistics all year round.

    Plan the budget for your stay in Dubai

    The budget to plan will depend a lot on the period in which you want to visit Dubai. In particular for accommodation, prices vary from single to double depending on the tourist influx. During the months of October and May, the rates for an apartment for two people are around 90 € (366 AED) per night. For hotels, count instead around 110 € (447 AED). These are the most expensive two months to stay in Dubai. You can halve these prices for the summer period.

    Burj el Arab

    The restaurants are quite affordable, even if some very famous gourmet people have exorbitant prices. For a meal for two in a typical restaurant, you will spend around 220 AED or 53 €. The cost of transport once there is also to be included in your budget. It will also vary according to your wishes and the number of people to participate in the stay.

    To establish an average budget per day, you therefore need determine when you will be leaving, but also what activities you are planning. This will allow you to get an average of the daily cost of your stay in Dubai.

    Fly or sail to Dubai?

    The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get to Dubai is obviously by plane. Depending on the period you will be leaving, you can find your tickets for around € 600 round trip per person in economy class. The prices vary enormously, as for the rest, according to the tourist seasons. The highest prices are displayed during the months of June, July and August. Most flights to Dubai International Airport (DXB) depart from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris (CDG). This is also where the prices are the most attractive. It will take about 7 hours of direct flight to arrive in Dubai.

    Create an alert when the price of the plane ticket is at its lowest.
    We advise you to follow the price variation 3 to 4 months before purchasing the ticket.

    You can also opt for a much slower way, but one that will not leave you without memory. Indeed, you can leave from Nice by boat for a cruise of about 24 days that will bring you to Dubai. You will surely make a stopover in Italy, Greece, Israel, Jordan and Oman before arriving in the United Arab Emirates. The cost of the cruise for a one-way full board is around 1000 € per person.

    The Palm

    If you want to be quiet, consider planning your transfer as soon as you make your reservation. So a taxi will bring you from the airport (or the port) to your hotel for around thirty euros.

    The means of transport to visit Dubai serenely

    To get around Dubai, you will be spoiled for choice. The city has many means of transport such as metro, tram, monorail, bus and taxi. To use this public transport, you must purchase the NOL card, its price starts at AED 3 (€ 0,73). It will be used to pay for all the means of transport mentioned. You will be able to cross the city quickly at a lower cost without risking losing your way in the middle of the skyscrapers.

    Dubai skyscrapers

    Otherwise, you can always opt to rent a car. A rather expensive and complicated solution because you will absolutely need an international driving license, a passport, a credit card and third-party insurance.

    You can also get around on foot or by bike, the city has large sidewalks and cycle paths. It is surely the best way to visit Dubai in great detail. You can find bikes for hire there for a few UAE dirhams a day.

    Discover Dubai's culinary specialties

    During your stay in Dubai, you will surely be tempted by its culinary specialties. It is even compulsory to discover the life of Dubaiotes. The cuisine of the Emirates is very similar to Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine. You will find typical dishes such as tagine, keftas or the famous kebab. However, you can taste typical dishes of the city like samak, this fish served with sauce and spicy rice.


    On the sweet side, you will also be offered flavors from the Middle East. You can taste all kinds of local pastry made with honey, sugar and dates. Dubaiotes are also very fond of luqaimat, they are puffs filled with cream. As for drinks, they are very attached to their famous mint tea. The locals generally do not drink alcohol. You will still find some in hotels and restaurants, especially French wines and Scotch whiskeys.

    Which district to choose for your stay in Dubai?

    To visit Dubai, you will have the choice to stay in several districts according to your expectations but also your budget. Accommodation in certain neighborhoods can be very expensive. This is the case of the Downtown district, you probably know it, it is home to the famous Burj Khalifa and The Mall shopping center.

    Burj Khalifa

    To stay close to Downtown without breaking the bank, you can totally stay in old dubai, the old city center. You will find complete accommodation there at reasonable prices and you will be in the heart of the souks and other typical markets. If you want a dream vacation, without counting your expenses, go to The palm jumeirah. Surely the most beautiful district of Dubai but also the most prestigious. You will find many luxury hotels there, but also spas and the most famous restaurants in the megalopolis. You will also have a breathtaking view of the entire Gulf of Dubai!

    You can also opt for the Marina district. You will find 5 star hotels there, but also apartments for a rather high price all the same. On the other hand, you will be in the heart of a very active district even at night. Indeed, the Marina is full of nightlife establishments but also a few attractions.

    Visit Dubai: the must-sees of the city

    Dubai is well known for being the city of the most excessive buildings. During your stay, you will absolutely have to go to the Burj Kalifa. This tower, the tallest in the world, rises to 828 meters in height with 160 floors. The interior is composed of luxury apartments, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, offices, etc. Make your way to the 124th floor, you will have a breathtaking view of another Dubai curiosity. The World will be before your eyes! This cluster of 250 islands representing the planet. In the same style, you can go to the Burj Al Arab, this 7-star hotel which is the highest in the world with its 321 meters above sea level.

    For shopaholics during the holidays, you will be delighted by going to The Mall, the largest shopping center in the world. It has more than 1200 commercial signs but also a beautiful aquarium, large cinemas, etc. On the other hand, to get to know Dubai and its people, you will have to visit the Dubai Museum (Al Fahidi Fort). It is full of all the secrets of Dubai and its construction. Of course do not miss to visit either some mosques, buildings and other monuments or must-see areas of the city.

    Some ideas for activity in the megalopolis

    During your stay, you can do a very unusual thing in Dubai: Ski! It's entirely possible. Ski Dubai is a huge indoor ski resort that is located inside The Mall, the mall. You can also go to the Palm Jumeirah district. Already by going there you will visit one of the most beautiful and luxurious districts of the city. But at the end of it you will discover one of the largest leisure centers in Dubai adjoining the Atlantis hotel: Aquaventure. It is the largest water park in the Middle East ! You can slide down the many slides but also relax peacefully on its private beaches. You can also get a massage and enjoy the many spas in this magical place. The center also offers bowling alleys and lounges where you can try your hand at the latest video games. Aquaventure is also home to one of the most beautiful aquariums in Dubai.

    You will also be close to the desert and its mysteries. Several camel rides are organized there every day. You will be able to survey the desert for a few hours, or even a few days for those who would be tempted by the bivouac.

    The desert in Dubai

    Practical information for your stay

    • Change : To visit Dubai, it is imperative to change your currency. Their currency is the UAE Dirham (under the acronym AED, DH or Dhs), 1 dirham is equivalent to more or less € 0,25.
    • Over the clouds

      Even if visiting Dubai may seem complicated for some, you should not miss this trip which will prove to be unforgettable. Take the time to prepare your trip, your visits and your trips before your departure. This will make your life easier once there. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your stay in Dubai to its fullest. So ready to explore this dream destination? Do not hesitate to leave us your impressions, questions or any other information in the comments.

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