Disturbing photos of Dubai in the clouds

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Sebastian Opitz's fascinating photos in Dubai

When we think of Dubai, we necessarily think of huge shopping malls, luxury, hotels and giant skyscrapers and in particular the Burj Khalifa tower and its nearly 830 meters. The photographer Sebastian Opitz could therefore have “contented himself” with taking this kind of photos in Dubai. But he preferred to be more original by showing the Arab Emirates in a different light.

Meet on the 85th floor of the Princess Tower

Because in Dubai as elsewhere, there can be fog and clouds. Of course, this only happens very rarely. No more than a week per year, according to Sebastian Opitz. But the young photographer was able to be patient in capturing these unexpected moments.
This is how he went early in the morning (at 4 am!) To the 85th floor of the Princess Tower, 414 meters high. There, he was able to take breathtaking shots, with skyscrapers literally piercing thick clouds.

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