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Want to immerse yourself in nature, to admire splendid panoramas lush vegetation or even bask on an exceptional wild beach? You are in the right place ! The landscapes of Portugal are as magnificent and unspoiled as they are unique. They transport you with their beauty and rejuvenate you with their intensity. Whether it is a foray into one of its extraordinary islands or a dip in its countless natural parks, the Portuguese lands invite you to escape and dream. Discover in photo a selection of most beautiful landscapes of Portugal Do not miss !

Sintra and its intimidating beach Praia da Ursa

Located next to the Cabo da Roca site, you will need to find a small dirt track. This one slaloms between the low vegetation of the edge of the cliff, before starting a winding and steep descent towards a pure moment of delight. This little piece of heaven, unmanageable, must be earned and that's good! One of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal awaits you in complete privacy ...

Ursa Beach

The Serra da Estrela and its centuries-old traditions

The desire for a real Portuguese immersion nagging you? Do you want to discuss and learn more about the traditions of the country? Leave without delay to star mountain ! Uncrowded, you will have the opportunity to land in front of breathtaking panoramas, while tasting wine and mountain cheeses typical of the place. Magnificent landscapes of Portugal await you in this still little-known region. Alone in the world, do not hesitate to exchange with the local shepherds and the local population: immersion guaranteed!

Serra da Estrela

Porto and its colorful hillsides

This fascinating city is as dynamic as it is colorful, from every point of view! Of course, Porto is ready to share its intense historical past with passing travelers. But Porto, with its generosity, also donates breathtaking cityscapes between colorful typical houses and unmissable views of the city. Sit comfortably and enjoy!


The Azores, a verdant volcanic archipelago

These 9 islands lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean promise you a disconnection to match your desires! Those volcanic islets indeed offer you varied and incredible landscapes. Whether you are looking for majestic lakes, incredible stunts, green horizons to vertiginous cliffs, you will not be able to come back disappointed with this getaway in the heart of nature!

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Azores, Sao Miguel

Madeira, a few islets full of surprises

These 4 small isolated islands off the African coast are known and envied for their natural beauties. They invite you to take a breath of fresh air and try out the wonderful hiking trails along the coast. The spectacle offered by the Madeira Islands is varied: their views invite lounging and their highest peaks offer a grandiose view on an incredible volcanic setting. From island to island, you will discover some of Portugal's most dazzling landscapes!

Hiking path in Madeira

Aveiro, foray into the Venice of the north

Let yourself be carried away by the waves and discover an amazing little town full of resources! After a relaxing stroll on its great canals, opt for a foray into its salt marshes, between seas and ponds. End your visit to this town with a stroll through the colorful village of Costa Nova. His tiny striped wooden houses will delight you. This succession of beautiful portuguese paintings demonstrate the diversity and natural wealth of the country.


Ponte de Lima and its historical past

In addition to being known for its joie de vivre, its dynamism and its unparalleled charm, this village in the north of the country offers you surroundings among the most splendid landscapes of Portugal. Located in the heart of a lush and green region, the panoramas of the Minho region follow one another and are not alike. The Lima river with its wild banks call for contemplation and is no stranger to magnificent views of the place.

Ponte de Lima

Douro Valley, a colorful wine region

Do not expect anything from this valley of vineyards, crossed by a river with still wild banks, and you will receive everything! Forget the plan of attack to visit the region, simply stroll from "quinta to quinta", get lost among the abundant and colorful vines, taste delicious local products and especially enjoy the wonderful landscapes of Portugal which emerge in the meanders of this untamed river. What to take superb pictures!

The Douro Valley

The Peneda Geres Natural Park and its unparalleled authenticity

This reserve to indecent natural beauties promises to impress the privileged people who will tread their land! Stroll without waiting in this unspoiled nature, observe the flora and fauna from viewpoints at the fairytale shows, breathe the fresh air and dare to dive into dazzling lakes and waterfalls well camouflaged. You will undoubtedly find in this region an impressive panel of the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal.

Peneda Geres

Marina Benagil Lagoa and its fabulous cave

The reputation of this extraordinary beach no longer to be done. Located near a small traditional fishing village, which is also worth the detour, you will inevitably be seduced by its unique and incredible sea cave. Even if this place is sometimes a victim of its success, you cannot go to the Algarve without making this detour which will certainly leave you with stars in your eyes!

The cave of Benagil

Discreet country with incomparable charm, Portugal has not finished surprising you with its diversity and natural wonders. These few pictures made you want to discover some of the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal ? Do not hesitate to consult our various articles in order to draw a precise portrait of your host country. Take advantage of all our veins to experience your Portuguese getaway as intensely as possible!

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