The bottomless hole of Lake Covão dos Conchos

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But where do the waters of Lake Covão dos Conchos flow?

Comfortably nestled in the heart of Serra da Estrela, Portugal, the lac Covão dos Conchos has been panicking the web for several months now. The cause ? A fantastic video revealing aerial images, to say the least, astonishing and surprising. You can see its waters pouring continuously into a perfectly circular hole about fifty meters in circumference...

Passage to another dimension or rational explanation?

There is, however, no supernatural explanation for this phenomenon. Lake Covão dos Conchos is quite simply an artificial lake created by a dam almost 5 meters high. And this hole is in fact the entrance to a huge tunnel of more or less 1500 meters long which allows the waters of the river which feeds this lake, the Ribeira das Naves, to join those of a lagoon located further downstream.

A hidden lake at an altitude of 2000 meters

But do not deny our pleasure for all that. We could indeed observe this curiosity born in the mind of an engineer more than 60 years ago hours and hours without ever getting tired.

Because the location of Lake Covão dos Conchos is quite simply exceptional: it is landlocked in the Serra da Estrela (Etoile mountain) at just under 2 meters above sea level. You will therefore have to be rather sporty if you want to observe this semblance of a wormhole on your own and without any assistance!

In any case, this is a very unusual detour and a new essential stopover on your next trip to Portugal!

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