Suriname: the little wonderland

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Incredible biodiversity

Located in South America, Suriname (or Surinam) is a wonderful country on the Wild Coast that we find between the delta of the Orinoco and the Amazon. This State is one of the regions of the world where the biodiversity is the richest.

Here, the tropical forest is lush and its population very varied. In Suriname, we meet people of all kinds: Amerindians, Creoles, descendants of black slaves, exiled Europeans… But more than its “human” population, it is the fauna and flora of Suriname that will amaze you. .

A flora and fauna of incomparable richness

Suriname's nature reserve covering 1,6 million hectares, it protects magical places such as the sources of the Lucie, Zuid, Saramacca, Oost and Gran Rio rivers.

The diversity of plants is extremely rich since there are more than 5000 species. We can admire beautiful animals like the giant armadillo, the giant otter, the sloths, the tapir or the jaguar but also the poisonous blue frog Dendrobates azureus and a large number of birds like the scarlet-plumed macaw and many others.

Places not to be missed

Also to be seen in Suriname, the Lac de Brokopondo, the banks of the Coppename which is a river whose sources are located in the Wilhemina mountain. Fort Zeelandia close to the capital Paramaribo It is also worth a detour, which today is a magnificent museum to visit. In Paramaribo, in fact, you can also discover an astonishing mosque.

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Pratical information

Area: 163 km000
Capital city : Paramaribo
Population: 539 276 people
Official language : néerlandais
Change : Suriname Dollar (SRD). In 2014, 1 euro is approximately equivalent to 3,50 SRD.

the best time to visit Suriname starts at the beginning of September and goes until the end of November because it is the dry season. The other months are very humid. In Paramaribo, the temperature is constant between 24 ° and 31 ° throughout the year.

Security: like everywhere else, you have to be careful with any pickpockets.

Health and vaccines: travelers must be vaccinated against hepatitis A and an international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory. The malaria vaccine is essential to go to the forest.

Useful address:
National Tourist Office in Suriname
Dr. J. F. Nassylaan 2, Paramaribo, Republic of Surinamee
Telephone: (597) 424878
Fax: (597) 477786

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