Romanesque art and Catalonia

In 2000, the Romanesque churches of Vall de Boi, a high place in Catalonia, achieved the most popular international recognition: they were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

As in many regions of the world, this appointment has enabled significant tourism development for the entire region and put the spotlight on its cultural masterpieces.

But the great attraction of this region is not only based on the importance of its Romanesque churches in the history of art.

It is also visited for the often grandiose natural environment of this region and its tourist attractions in all areas.

Should we love Romanesque art?

Do you have to love Romanesque art to go there? Indeed, Romanesque art is not unanimous, it may seem too sober for some or downright simplistic for others.

However, by dint of knowing these different churches, there emerges an impression of plenitude, serenity and simplicity to which I defy anyone to be insensitive.

Through Romanesque art, we are told of timelessness, of universality.

We have not yet reached the complexity of the Gothic, worse, of the Renaissance and the clean lines that we sought after, give a certain harmony and a kind of power to these buildings.

A very rich region from a tourist point of view

But anyway, the discovery of Romanesque art is only one angle of approach among others for a trip to Catalonia.

The region is indeed rich enough to satisfy any type of tourism.

The Romanesque masterpieces will only be pleasant stops on your way to discover the Catalan Pyrenees.

Nature is particularly beautiful there and there are very beautiful natural parks and many ski resorts, something to delight sports enthusiasts.

For others, balneotherapy, golf courses, gastronomy are all ways to approach the region.

An original excursion from Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is now enjoying great success with tourists as well as with students, but also with workers, many of whom come to settle in the city.

This well-deserved success tends to erase the rest of the region that deserved to be discovered.

So, if you want to deepen your understanding of Catalonia, if you are tired of noisy, extravagant Barcelona, ​​here are some destinations for a Catalonia of nature, culture, gastronomy, calm and beauty.

Many car rental companies are waiting for you in the airport hall, so have a good trip!

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