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The perfect half-day excursion for first-time visitors, this sightseeing tour through central Vienna is led by a private guide for a personal experience. The 3-hour tour passes three of Vienna's most important attractions: Belvedere Palace, the Ring and Heldenplatz, and St. Stephen's Cathedral. Weather permitting, there will be a surprise “terrace view” part of the tour, and a snack break at a traditional Viennese café or tucked away beer garden to refresh yourself as you drive through the Austrian capital. Public transport and meals are your responsibility.

Travel from your hotel with your host, and navigate Vienna's underground passages and/or tram ride to the magnificent Belvedere Palace. During your trip, you'll hear how the palace is the birthplace of Gustav Klimt's painting The Kiss, and the setting for the movie Woman in Gold One of the best views of Vienna's landmarks you can get from the baroque gardens on the hillside of the palis.

Later, take the tram past the Soviet Monument, Karlsplatz, and the State Opera as soon as you reach the ring portion of the city center. The panorama, consisting of the Hofburg Palace, Heldenplatz, the Parliament, the town hall and the Burgtheater, is one of the most impressive urban creations. Get your camera ready; the site is much better photographed before noon, in the morning twilight.
Explore the impressive passageways and stairways at Freyung Square, which is surrounded by noble XNUMXth-century palaces and hosts a small market on Fridays and Saturdays. Walk along the stretch between the Hofburg Gate and St. Stephen's Cathedral, where your tour ends, and reflect on the history and architecture that have made this city one of Europe's most interesting destinations. Europe.

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