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The excursion in Malaga includes visits to the Picasso Museum / Alcazaba / Cathedral.

Discover the wonder of the southern lands – a magnificent resort that has captured the hearts of millions of tourists. Our excursion in Malaga is an opportunity to unveil the incredible mysteries and legends, to absorb the historical values ​​and traditions of the country, to breathe in the flavors of the local cuisine and to taste the wines.

It's a 3:00-3:30 trip that will allow you to not only see the city, but also visit the main sites according to your own choice.

With the Malaga guide, you will be able to visit the 16th century cathedral in the Gothic style, with its imposing dimensions and its particular appearance. The architecture that mixes Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance styles tells the centuries-old history of this place. You will have a unique opportunity to commune with the famous painter Pablo Picasso. The museum dedicated to him offers more than 300 works that inspire, surprise and conquer lovers of great art. Another highlight of a visit to Malaga is the XNUMXth century Moorish Alcazaba fortress. It is an unshakable complex and a palace within which the Moors escaped enemy attacks. Today, the building offers breathtaking views of the city and allows you to capture unforgettable moments during your vacation. A Malaga guide will share their knowledge of historical facts and myths with you. 

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