Malaysia: a unique experience

Malaysia: a unique experience

A world to discover

An exceptional culture

Located at the crossroads of several nations, Malaysia and its paradisiacal islands are subject to multiple influences. Today, Muslims, Taoists, Catholics and Buddhists form a mixture of the richest populations. There are, in fact, 47 ethnic groups that inhabit this colorful country. The different cultures make the originality of this territory: architecture, gastronomy and toponymy, for example, have preserved the traces of these varied inspirations.

Endemic species

If you have the chance to go to Malaysia, you will be able to discover the extent of its biodiversity. Unique species are found in the tropical forest, where the flora and fauna present an exceptional character. The Borneo nasal monkey is one of the finest examples of this perpetual richness.

Malaysia, a paradise on earth

A pleasant temperature all year round, maximum sunshine, dream beaches and charming hotels are the main assets of Malaysia. Finally, given the low cost of local living, your plane ticket will be one of the only expenses to budget.

Dives rich in discovery, simple swimming, shopping in Kuala Lumpur - where you can admire the 452-meter-high Petronas Twin Towers - excursions in the rainforest or nights in a cabin on stilts… Malaysia is full of hundreds of activities. Parties and other festivals are also regularly scheduled throughout the year.

Malaysia: a unique experience

Pratical information

Area: 329 847 km2.
Capital city : Kuala Lumpur.
Population: 29 millions d'habitants.
Official language : Malaysian.
Change : the Malaysian currency is the ringgit; 1 euro is equivalent to 4,38 ringgits.

The climate is pleasant all year round. The sunshine is important and only a few showers can occur, in October and February, on the east coast, and in September and December, on the west coast. The ambient temperature is, on average, 28 ° and the water temperature is between 27 and 29 °.

Malaysia is a country which does not present any particular danger.

If it is simply necessary to carry out the usual vaccines reminders before departure, vaccination against hepatitis A and B remains recommended.

Getting to Malaysia
There are dozens of airports in Malaysia, three of which are located in Kuala Lumpur. All you have to do is select the one that matches your destination. 

Malaysia: a unique experience

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