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    The main square

    Forum (not at all virtual) of our modern times, this real place of life is, all year round, the theater of shows, fairs and other public events.

    The construction was erected in the eighteenth century, marrying the purest Baroque style and participates for a very large part (with the University and the two Cathedrals) in the construction of the identity and shapes the specificity of Salamanca. A circular gaze around the square allows one to appreciate the richness and beauty of the balconies running along the facades. They house the homes of privileged wealthy people as well as the town hall and the tourist office.

    At the top of each column supporting the balconies and apartments, a medallion has been carved, representing important figures of the city. Walk around and maybe you'll recognize one… Who knows?


    The place is ideal for merchants in the region who are thus sure to offer their goodwill to the entire population. Among these businesses, we will note the stalls of itinerant sellers (leather and metal work, souvenirs, small jewels, etc.) but also fixed signs. Among these, you will see tobacconists, restaurants (see the article "where to sleep and eat"), very good artisanal ice cream parlors and finally several tapas bars (of which I recommend "El Reloj" for the variety of its delicious little tapas to nibble on) and a few souvenir shops for tourists.

    Jean-Baptiste Gibily

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