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What should not be missed during a trip to Iran

From this year 2016, Korean Air will start flights to Tehran while Lufthansa has announced the intensification of its trips to the Iranian capital from Munich. For its part, Air France must resume flights (we will pass on the controversy of the veil for the hostesses), after an interruption dating from 2008.

For its part, AccorHotel has already planned to build a Novotel and an Ibis very close to the airport. The agreement signed last summer between Iran and six major countries on the exploitation of nuclear energy confirms the return of Persia to the front of the tourist scene. And Tehran could carve out the lion's share, ignoring the already established popularity of popular Isfahan. Zoom on these unmissable places in Tehran.

1. The National Museum of Iran

Tehran has many museums that will delight art and history lovers. If you've only seen one, the National Museum is it. It allows you to immerse yourself in Persia, before the Islamic period. Archaeological remains are gathered here from the Upper Paleolithic, the N & eeacute; olithic and the Bronze Age. A second building is reserved for the post-Islamic period. The French architect André Godard designed this building located in the heart of Tehran.

2. The Tehran Bazaar

What would Iran be without its favorite carpet? The artisanal emblem displays all its colors in the capital's grand bazaar that photographers will not miss. Iran has more than 9 million artisans. This oriental market also offers ceramics, enamelling, embroidery and even pottery.

3. The Freedom Tower or Azadi Tower

An iconic monument of Iran, the Azadi Tower is a symbol that celebrates the 2500 years of the Persian Empire. This tower, which rests on two large legs, was built in 1971. The monument was given a new name, the “Tower of Freedom”, following the Revolution of 1979. Enthroned in the largest square in the city , the tower amazes the visitor with the white of the plaques which cover it, originating from Isfahan. The monument houses a museum.

4. Golestan Palace

This building, which means “the palace of flowers”, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the historic heart of the Iranian capital, the sumptuous monument housed the rulers of the Kadjar dynasty. This family ruled the country from the end of the XNUMXth century until the beginning of the XNUMXth century and established Tehran as the capital. It is considered a real gem, witness to Persian art. In total, the Golestan Palace consists of eight structures, surrounded by gardens. According to Unesco, the current visit is interesting for the fusion it offers between Persian and European styles.

5. The Milad tower

Impossible to miss the Milad tower since it is the tallest tower in Iran. 435 meters high, it is also one of the tallest telecommunications towers in the world. Eleven years of work were necessary for the construction of this monument, inaugurated in October 2008. Particularity of the Milad tower, it houses a revolving panoramic restaurant, which makes it the highest in the world for its category.

6. Vali-ye Asr Avenue

All classes of the population, men and women, flock there to do their shopping or go to restaurants. 18 km long, it is a major axis that delimits the western and eastern districts of Tehran. It is easy to stroll there since the avenue is bordered by several parks, such as Mellat Park, the largest park in the Middle East. A real step to start an immersion in contemporary Tehran.

7. The Crown Jewels Museum

For lovers of beautiful stones, the Museum of the Crown Jewels presents magnificent collections dating from the 40th century. It is in fact the royal treasury. One can approach a sumptuous crown of the XIXth century or a terrestrial globe of 50 kg, set with more than 000 precious stones. The highlight of the visit is certainly the 182-carat Daria-i-Nur, the most important diamond in the world with the famous Koh-i-Nur presented in the Tower of London.

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