Climate in Ho Chi Minh City: when to go

Climate in Ho Chi Minh City: when to goWARNINGS : the data for this destination is incomplete. The results should therefore be viewed with great caution.

Annual average climate in Ho Chi Minh City

To start, here is an overview of the year-round climatic averages in Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Minimum annual temperature: 24°C
  • Average annual temperature: 29°C
  • Maximum annual temperature: 33°C

Monthly climate normals

Min / Max Precipitation
January 22 ° / 32 ° -
february 22 ° / 34 ° -
March 24 ° / 34 ° -
April 26 ° / 35 ° -
may 25 ° / 34 ° -
June 24 ° / 33 ° -
July 24 ° / 33 ° -
August 24 ° / 33 ° -
September 24 ° / 32 ° -
October 23 ° / 32 ° -
November 23 ° / 32 ° -
December 22 ° / 32 ° -

The weather stats were generated using information from the TAN SON HOA weather station. The latter is located in Vietnam, 4 km from Ho Chi Minh City and is located at an altitude of 5 meters.

The best time to go, and the worst

Also, here are some additional answers that should allow you to choose which are the best periods for your trip, or the months to avoid.

Which are the hottest months in Ho Chi Minh City?

In Ho Chi Minh City, the months of the year with the highest maximum temperatures are:
April (with 35°C), March (with 34°C), february (with 34°C), …

What are the coldest months?

The months of the year with the lowest average temperatures in Ho Chi Minh City are:
December (with 27°C), January (with 27°C), October (with 28°C), …

What is the weather around?

Nearby cities with a similar climate

These other cities very close to Ho Chi Minh City could record very similar climate normals:
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Around Ho Chi Minh City

You might also be interested in these cities:
Phan Thiet (à 161 km de Ho Chi Minh Ville), …

In Vietnam

Check the climate forecasts for other major cities in Vietnam:
Hanoï (à 1137 km de Ho Chi Minh Ville), Da Nang (à 608 km), Hai Phong (à 1117 km), Nha Trang (à 321 km), Quy Nhon (à 433 km), Vinh (à 879 km) , Phan Thiet (à 161 km), Thanh Hoa (à 1002 km), Ca Mau (à 244 km), Lang Son (à 1227 km), …

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