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Originally built as segregated neighborhoods, Cape Town's townships are experiencing a new lease of life. On this tour, you will visit two key townships at the center of the business districts and learn how townships shape themselves as important central hubs. You will explore some of the best known townships including the oldest, Langa, and the fastest growing, Khayelitsha. You'll interact with proactive community members who are shaping the future of the townships, and, therefore, of the city.

The townships of South Africa were created as places of segregation for black people only, until the end of the apartheid period. Usually located on the outskirts of the city, townships still exist today and while they still undeniably face problems, they hold the highest level of economies in the country and are recognized by the government as the future. economy of the country.

After meeting your guide in Cape Town, you'll set off by minivan to explore some of the most interesting townships, such as Langa and Khayelitsha. Meet local leaders who are very active in this vibrant community, and hear their views on some of the most important questions about their future: "What if the greatest value of savings was in the townships, not in affluent neighborhoods? How can townships become suburbs? What future is announced for them? »

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