7 must-see places to visit in Antalya

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Founded in the 2nd century BC, Antalya is today the preferred city for travelers to Turkey. Nicknamed the Turkish Riviera, all the most modern facilities have been built there (international airport, marina, etc.). Discover 7 things to do in Antalya during your stay in Turkey !

Decouvrir Antalya Kaleici 

A vacation in Antalya is worth above all for its location, beaches and turquoise waters. Nevertheless, you will not fail to visit the temple of Apollo, the main testimony of its Roman past. In addition, wherever you are in the city, you cannot fail to spot the minaret of the mosque, the symbol of Antalya. The charm of its old quarters makes the city very endearing. This little gem facing the Mediterranean is a hotspot for seaside tourism thanks to its dream beaches. There is so much to do in Antalya, with all the tourist, cultural and natural sites to visit!

The center of Antalya

Stroll on the old port

It is all around the old port that the tourist life of Antalya is organized. As you walk, you will be able to see a succession of hotels, restaurants and the bazaar of the Turkish Riviera. You will also observe ancient constructions of ancient civilizations as well as the famous Clock Tower. A walk to do to soak up the atmosphere of Antalya!

The old Port

Yivli Minaret with Observer

Very close to the old port, the Yivli Minare is Antalya's flagship monument. Dating from the 13th century, this minaret is simply superb with its red bricks and blue earthenware. 39 meters high, it adjoins the city's great mosque. You will immediately be transported into the atmosphere of a thousand and one night when you hear the call to prayer!

Yivli Minaret

Admire Hadrian's Gate

Built to welcome the Roman Emperor, the gate proudly welcomes its visitors from its 14-meter height. All dressed in marble, it is part of the cultural visits to do in Antalya. Moreover, it is this which separates the old town from the modern town. Composed of 3 arches, once crossed, you will find yourself in alleys lined with restaurants and pretty old shops.

Hadrian's Gate

Hiking in the Ciglikara nature reserve

There are multiple national parks all around Antalya. They protect not only the surrounding nature, but also the heritage from antiquity. Located to the west of Antalya, the Ciglikara nature reserve allows you to walk in a cedar forest, juniper, and other plant species on land oscillating between 1050 and 2200 meters above sea level. Perhaps you will see wild boars, hyenas, bears and other lynx there!

A baby Lynx in the Ciglikara reserve

Know the Antiquity in Termessos

This ancient city is one of the major tourist sites in the region. The site includes the ramparts of the old town, an old theater, two temples and a necropolis. The whole site is protected by a huge natural park. A must visit to do in Antalya if you love the history of ancient civilizations!


Marvel at the Düden and Manavgat Falls

If nature inspires you more than heritage, take a tour of the spectacular Düden and Manavgat Falls. The Düden waterfall flows directly into the Mediterranean, which is rather unusual. A large park surrounds this corner of paradise, so don't forget to pack your picnic! As for the Manavgat Falls, if they are less impressive, you can on the other hand dip your feet in the refreshing water.

The Düden waterfall

Useful information

To help you prepare your vacation as well as possible, we provide you with practical information:

  • Formalities: For European nationals, a valid identity card or passport is sufficient for a stay of less than 3 months.
  • Cash : The currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TL). 
  • Konyaalti beach

    The must-sees of Antalya… and after?

    After having surveyed Antalya and its surroundings, what if you were to take a tour of the capital of Turkey, Ankara? Unless the beautiful Istanbul attracts you… it is indeed the largest city in the country and it has many historical monuments. Straddling Europe and Asia, your trip to Turkey will certainly take you into an exotic world!

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