10 must-see places to visit in Bulgaria

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From Sofia, the capital in lands of over a million inhabitants, to Sinemorets village near Turkey, via Plovdiv, a dynamic city in the center of the country ... Bulgaria is teeming with activities and discoveries for different types of travelers. There are many Roman remains, Bulgaria is one of the most important archaeological regions in Europe, bearing witness to Neolithic, Thracian, Hellenistic or Roman eras. A beautiful journey through time in a country looking to the future. Discover 10 must-see places to visit in Bulgaria!

Explore Sofia, the capital

Political and cultural center of the country, Sofia is a modern and captivating city with oriental charm. Walk around the capital and discover:

  • the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;
  • art and history museums;
  • the Boyana district and its church dating from the Middle Ages;
  • the Rotonde Saint-Georges, the oldest building in Sofia;
  • and many other visits ...

You won't run out of things to do in Sofia!

Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Taste the local flavors

Bulgarian gastronomy is typical of that of the Balkan region and in particular has strong similarities with its Greek and Turkish neighbors. So you can taste the tarator, a cold soup made with yogurt, cucumber and dill. You can also drink a rakia, brandy between 40 and 80%, which is drunk at the entrance. Also try parlenka, an unleavened pita-style bread.

The Tarator

Discover Plovdiv, a city on the move

Second largest city in the country after Sofia, Plovdiv was elected European Capital of Culture in 2019. Walk the cobbled streets of the medieval old town, explore the trendy Kapana district, see the 2-year-old ancient Roman theater or walk one of the longest pedestrianized streets in Europe! An unmissable thing to do in Bulgaria.


Relax in the thermal springs

More than 5 thermal springs are listed in Bulgaria, a large number of which were already known in Antiquity. Turn to the most famous sources such as Velingrad, Serdica, Bankya, Hyssaria, Sandanski, Kustendil or Saparéva banya. Whether you want to enjoy the benefits of the spa treatment or just relax, springs are a must to do in Bulgaria !

Lake Velingrad

Hiking in the majestic Pirin National Park

The Pirin National Park, spread over more than 27 ha, is located in southwestern Bulgaria, a 000 hour drive from Sofia. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its exceptional landscapes, fauna and flora. Put on good walking shoes and marvel at the pine forests, 1 types of plants, lakes, waterfalls and caves!

Pirin National Park

Walk along the Black Sea and its seaside resorts

Bulgaria is starting to be a leading destination for its seaside resorts along the Black Sea. Go to Varna, Sozopol, Bourgas or Nessebar to discover the traditional dwellings of past centuries, as well as the white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Between relaxation and a desire to learn more about the history of the country, the coast will fill you!


Escape to Veliko Tarnovo

Equidistant from Sofia and the Black Sea, Veliko Tarnovo is a city hosting Tzarevetz, a royal city of the XNUMXth century. From the top of the city perched on a hill, you will contemplate a panorama on the valley of the Yantra river. Explore the old town and push to the village of Arbanassi, 4km away, to admire the ancient churches. Veliko Tarnovo is one of the major sites to do in Bulgaria.

Veliko Tarnovo

Bathing in Sinemorets

Do you prefer to swim in the calm waters of a river or in the salty waves of the sea? Choose both! In Sinemorets, a sandbar separates the Veleka River and the Black Sea. This village is located about 15 kilometers from the Turkish border. A visit to do in Bulgaria for get out of the big seaside resorts of the coast.


Skiing in Bulgarian resorts

The mountain resorts have ski schools, with instructors speaking several languages ​​and ski slopes of different levels. In Vitosha, you will take the longest cable car in the country (6,5 km). In Borovetz you can climb to over 2 meters. In Pamporovo you will admire the typical architecture of the village of Chiroka Laka. Enjoy the winter, a top to do in Bulgaria!


Participate in activities around the rose

Bulgaria supplies around 70% of the global essential oil market of Rose Damascena. Vast fields of roses cultivated in the open air are mainly found in the Valley of the Roses in the center of the country. Kazanlak is the capital of the rose, it even has a museum dedicated to this flower, which is one of the most fragrant. Take advantage of the harvest festivals in June or participate in pickings!

Rose Damascena

The essentials of Bulgaria… and after?

Did you know that Bulgarians nod from left to right to say "yes" and from top to bottom to say "no"? Information to remember so as not to experience embarrassing misunderstandings! You are now ready to discover Bulgaria, one of our 5 emerging destinations to discover in Europe!

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