10 must-see things to see in Varna (Bulgaria)!

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Between unusual forest, idleness on the fine sandy beaches, visit of historical monuments and museums ... Varna, charming coastal town, offers a variety of entertainment options. Dynamic and lively, it attracts many tourists looking for rest, relaxation and activities to share with the family. Are you planning a trip to Bulgaria? Here are 10 must-see things to see in Varna!

Swimming in the Black Sea

Swimming is obviously an unmissable thing to do in Varna, a seaside resort popular with tourists and Bulgarians during the summer. Swimming is pleasant from June to September, with a heat peak in July and August. The depth starting far enough from the shore is a delight for parents! Enjoy the kilometers of beaches, from the center of Varna to the coasts to the north.

Varna beach

Contemplate the architecture

Until 1878, Varna had typical oriental architectural influences. The European imprints appear little by little following the liberation of the city. Note these few buildings to see in Varna:

  • Le Stoyan Bachvarov drama theater ;
  • the naval club;
  • the Central Post;
  • the House of the Architect;
  • the Grand-Hotel Musala;
  • the Cathedral of the Assumption.
Varna theater

Try the Bulgarian culinary specialties

Television garlic sauce, a cold soup made with yogurt and cucumber, and the snezhanka, a salad composed of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, salt, are mainly served for their touch of freshness. Varna being in a wine region producing white grape varieties, the wines accompany meals. Don't miss seeing the vineyards in Varna!

Snezhanka salad

Bask in the thermal springs

Bulgaria is recognized for its thermal tourism which attracts travelers seeking relaxation of body and soul. Near Varna, the seaside resorts of Golden Sands and Sts-Constantine-et-Hélène are rich in thermal springs with temperatures ranging from 40 to 60 ° C. Well-being complexes combine the power of springs with sea spray. Relax, it's vacation!

Saint Constantine and Helena

Cross the maritime garden

Separating the city center from the Black Sea, the maritime garden which stretches for 5km along the coast offers restaurants, an aquarium, a dolphinarium and a planetarium in the heart of magnificent green spaces and tree-lined paths. Designed in the XNUMXth century, it offers superb views over the maritime gulf. A park to see in Varna to the sound of the waves!

The maritime garden

Dive in the Black Sea

In Varna you will find competent instructors and quality equipment to explore the seabed. You can be a simple beginner for half a day or go through PADI levels. The marine life is not rich, but a large number of shipwrecks that have taken place in the Black Sea offer exploring shipwrecks and even submarines !

Dive in the Black Sea

Go out in cultural places

Varna is not only known for its seaside resort! It is also a culturally rich city that hosts many many cultural events like summer festivals, outdoor exhibitions, concerts and many shows. The museums are also very much alive: archaeological museum, history museum, ethnographic museum, marine museum and museum of medicine.

The archaeological museum

Party till the end of the night

Varna, a city that never sleeps? During the summer season, nightclubs and bars along the coast remain open at night. Sip a mojito, rock out on the dance floors, go wild on techno sounds! Evening, the young revelers let go, their feet in the sand, an experience to live and see in Varna!

Fireworks in Varna

Visit Euxinograd Castle

A guided visit to this former summer residence of the Bulgarian tsars will take you through the palace, the sumptuous gardens, the royal greenhouses, the chapel and even the wine cellar where you can taste local wines. Built in the XNUMXth century, the castle is decorated with period furniture. A heritage example to see in Varna!

Euxinograd Castle

Remain speechless in front of the petrified forest

Take the road west. 24 km from Varna, the petrified forest will blow your mind! The site is called "pobiti kamani" which literally means "stones planted in the ground" and which directly refers to the 300 columns that have been erected, naturally, for millions of years.

Kill Kamani

Useful information

Here is some information to help you plan your trip to Varna:

  • Formalities: For European nationals, a simple identity card or a valid passport is sufficient to visit Bulgaria.
  • When to go : Check our weather forecast for Varna to find out when is the best time to go.
  • Health : No compulsory vaccine. You can take your European health insurance card with you.
  • Cash : Live Bulgarian (BGN).
  • How to get there : the way the fastest and most convenient is to fly. Allow around 4h30 from Paris to Varna with a stopover. Other possibilities: the bus, the train or the car!
  • Travel: the municipal network Trafic Varna serves the entire city. You can also hire a car or bicycle, Varna's most popular form of transportation.

The essentials of Varna and after?

So much to see in Varna, a seaside town that offers the opportunity to spend moments basking the pill in the sun visiting its many cultural places! Want to extend the trip along the Black Sea? Head to Turkey and discover our 10 must-see Istanbul tours or continue exploring the must-see places in Bulgaria!

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