Why visit Burma? Discovery of an Asian gem

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Republic of the Union of Myanmar of its real name, Burma remains a country still very little visited. So why visit Burma? The places to see are numerous and are all very rich in surprises, both in terms of cultural discoveries and magnificent landscapes. Depending on the length of your stay, you can organize your trip in many ways and the longer your stay in Myanmar, the more you will have the opportunity to discover places.

Rice terraces

Why visit Burma? For Yangon, its capital of multiple riches

Why not start your discovery of the country with the capital of Burma, namely Yangon. Or formerly Rangoon. The city can easily be explored on foot and is full of surprises. You can admire the Shwedagon pagoda considered the jewel of Burma or go to the few museums in the city and in particular the museum of precious stones.


Bagan, a must visit

Why visit Burma? To go to Bagan which constitutes one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the world. You will discover more than 200 temples, each more sublime than the next, as well as many pagodas.

Temples of Bagan

Inle Lake, Pindaya, Mandalay, other breathtaking sites

Still wondering why visit Burma? If you have the chance to go to the three places mentioned above, do not hesitate for one second! A real pleasure for the eyes, these three places promise you real surprises. You can enjoy boat trips to visit Inle Lake or a breathtaking hike to the top of Mandalay hill.

Inle Lake

Whether you leave at the last minute or not, know that you can organize your itinerary and book a cheap hotel to enjoy each of the places mentioned above. Do not hesitate to use our comparator to find a cheap plane ticket or hotel in Burma.

Pratical information

  • Passport and visa : Some things should be known before planning a stay in Burma and you will therefore need to check with the Myanmar Embassy, ​​in particular regarding the request for a visa. A valid passport is also required. 
  • Currency : in Burma, the monetary unit is the kyat. When you leave, remember to take American dollars with you which will be easier to change once there and which will allow you to pay for transport or small purchases, for example. Also remember to take only cash and in sufficient quantity, because once there you will not be able to withdraw money since there are no ATMs.
  • Getting to Burma : the main airport is obviously Yangon International Airport. But it is also possible to land at Mandalay International Airport - which notably has the longest runway in the Southeast.
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