Go on a cruise in the islands of Guadeloupe

Located in the Lesser Antilles, the islands of Guadeloupe are each year a winter destination of choice for metropolitan residents in search of warmth and exoticism. This year, why not discover it from its waters? A cruise in Guadeloupe is the original idea that we propose to you in this article. 

During a second trip to Guadeloupe, I was able to discover all the beauty of its seafront. A first for me to travel by catamaran for 8 days. Without any particular expectations, I finally loved tasting its coastal landscapes over the course of the sailings and the miles. This slow travel was a real disconnection. Story! 

Why discover Guadeloupe on a cruise?

Slow travel is more and more popular with travelers who favor slowness and authenticity. Beautiful Guadeloupe, so nonchalant where it is easy to breathe the sea spray sitting in the shade of a coconut tree, lends itself perfectly to this new type of exploration. A cruise is therefore the benefit of a trip in two stages. The moments on board that become real parentheses and allow you to take the time for yourself and simply observe. Then come the moments on land where activities and visits are offered. 

Port of Saintes at sunset

8 days sailing in Guadeloupe

The trip begins at the Pointe-à-Pitre marina. This is where we find our floating house for the week, as well as the team and the other passengers. The comfortable catamaran can embark 12 people, all divided into 5 cabins. The marks are taken quickly, we dig into every nook and cranny of the boat to finally take possession of our small but very tidy cabin. A small but well-appointed space that will become our cocoon for the next seven nights on the Caribbean Sea. 

From Marie-Galante, to Les Saintes. From the Cousteau Reserve to Ilet au Gosier with a stopover in another Caribbean island, Dominica, this cruise in exotic colors will seduce us. With an exceptionally clear view on the roof of the island, La Soufrière, and calm navigation, this week was relaxing, exotic and full of surprises. 

A navigation

When is the best time to rent a boat?
If, like Amélie, you want to experience a cruise through the West Indian archipelagos, we advise you to favor the months from December to April. It is indeed during this period that you will benefit from the best weather conditions to navigate in peace. Also remember to book your boat well in advance! Platforms like Filovent offer a large catalog of boats (with or without a skipper) to organize your catamaran cruise in Guadeloupe: all you have to do is make your choice ...

The charm of Marie-Galante

It is the island of a hundred mills that will be our first stop on this week's sailing cruise. In search of authenticity and a cool attitude, this is the place to come to Guadeloupe. In addition to seeing fabulous natural sites such as Gueule Grand Gouffre but also the Feuillière beach, Marie-Galante is an important stopover for the discovery of the old sugar dwellings. Tinted with cane fields as far as the eye can see, the island is famous today for its agricultural rum: that of the Bellevue Distillery. It is also here that you have to taste the famous "poo-beef". We let you discover these very typical pastries for yourself. 

Diving at the Cousteau reserve 

After a one-day stopover on the island of Dominica, nestled between Guadeloupe and Martinique, we will take to the sea again. 47 miles await us to reach Malendure beach and the Cousteau reserve. This maritime area protected and managed by the Guadeloupe National Park is an essential stopover for snorkelling. We will also have the chance to swim with two not very shy turtles and a whole myriad of endemic Caribbean fish. 

Sunset Malendure

Malendure is a small family beach popular with travelers and locals alike. And very close to the Cousteau reserve, do not also miss the hot springs of Bouillante. 

The archipelago of Saintes

Next and last big stop on this cruise in Guadeloupe: the archipelago of Saintes. This magnificent rosary would be part of the top 3 of the most berries in the world (after that of Rio de Janeiro & Ha Long in Vietnam). During your visit to Les Saintes, be sure to climb up to Fort Napoleon. Sitting on a hill and with a panoramic view of the entire archipelago, this is where you will take the most beautiful photos for sure. Be careful, however, to favor his visit as soon as possible. Finally, the island of Terre-de-Haut is very easy to walk around; from the shops of Bourg to the beach of Pombierre. 

Bay of Saintes from Fort Napoleon

The advantages of cruising

Traveling by catamaran is also the possibility of accessing places that not everyone can see. This is the case of the sumptuous beach of Pain de Sucre. Difficult to access on foot, the seaway remains the best option for exploration. Small beach enclosed by a mysterious basalt dome, it is an incredible second snorkelling spot that we recommend. The waters are translucent and offer optimal diving conditions.  

Ilet du Gosier seen from the sky

End of this cruise in Guadeloupe

After one night, docked at the islet at Cabris, we set sail again to reach the islet at Gosier. The cruise will end here after 8 days at sea. It is a trip that allows you to appreciate all the maritime wealth of the archipelago but also to make the most of the navigation time for yourself. Have a nice trip to Guadeloupe!

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