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Aruba is defined by clear, deep blue skies and the inherent warmth of the trade winds. It's an island that attracts sports enthusiasts as well as the most enthusiastic sun worshippers. On this tour, get a unique view of the islands, and most of the attractions – the Natural Bridge, see the second largest city in Aruba, and learn how Baby Beach got its name.


  • Done in English

Enjoy several stops along the way, including:

  • Bushiribana Ruins – These ruins are the remains of a gold smelter which was built with natural stone in 1825 and operated for most of the 19th century.
  • Natural Bridge – One of Aruba's most popular attractions, this bridge is a coral limestone formation carved out by years of undertow, and is one of the largest such rock spans in the world.
  • Ayo Rock Formation and Cave (Arawak Indian Patterns) – This nature preserve features some of the oldest Arawak patterns, as well as trails showcasing a unique variety of Aruba flora and fauna.
  • Historic French Passage Site – Overhanging trees and towering cacti line this luscious stretch of the almost mid-road between Oranjestad and San Nicolas.
  • Savaneta Old Town – Once Aruba's first capital, today Savanet is a bustling fishing village with a 150-year-old mud hut, the oldest dwelling still standing on the island.
  • San Nicolas – Aruba's second capital and oldest village was once a bustling port. San Nicolas is the main prostitute district in Aruba, offering plenty of street color.
  • Swimming at Baby Beach – Located on the eastern tip of the island, the semi-circular beach frames a beach that beckons swimmers with its calm, shallow blue waters.

On the return trip, you will drive to downtown Oranjestad. You have the choice of being dropped off downtown to stroll between the shops and admire the Dutch architecture, or be dropped off at your hotel.

Please note : If you are arriving by cruise ship, please provide your cruise ship details in the 'Hotel Information' field.

Please note : Beginning November 1, 2009, the afternoon tour will travel to Alto Vista Chapel and California's Lighthouse instead of Baby Beach.

Detailed schedule

Starting point :
Tour departs from Oranjestad hotels and port

Departure time :

  • 9.00 p.m
  • 14.00 p.m

Return details:
Return to the starting point around 4 hours after departure

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