Why go to Solomon Islands? Ultimate dream trip

Want to take a trip to discover Melanesia? Composed of twelve main islands and almost a thousand smaller ones, the archipelago is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, not far from Papua New Guinea. Why go to Solomon Islands? Composed of both uninhabitable volcanic rocks and breathtaking coral reefs, these islands still belong to the Commonwealth. However, they enjoy a local culture a thousand leagues from that of the British Empire and which dates back more than five thousand years, making them the oldest islands in the world.

Why go to Solomon Islands? Between customs and traditions

Very influenced by nearby Polynesia, the Solomon Islands have nearly sixty different dialects. Customs and traditions begin with the rhythm of island life, which is very different from that of the mainland. Here, the sun gives rhythm to life in slow motion. You can literally taste it by eating in the small restaurants and in the very colorful markets which delight palates in search of exotic flavors.

Sunset on the islands ...

Breathtaking beaches and flora

The main islands are Choiseul, Guadalcanal (where the capital Honiara is located), Malaita, New Georgia, Santa Isabel and San Cristobal. This is where thewe find the most beautiful beaches with fine sand where to offer a holiday under the sign of idleness, like the Marovo lagoon, one of the most beautiful seaside spots on Earth. Lovers of nature hikes can also venture into the surrounding jungle, always accompanied by a guide, to discover the local tropical flora. In the program ? Flowers and giant palm trees, mangroves and butterflies of a thousand colors, caves and waterfalls like those of Mataniko.

Lush nature

Why go to Solomon Islands? Take to the open sea!

For those who are happier with their feet in the water, or even just a few meters deep, the Solomon Islands offer a wide range of scuba diving points, to discover a breathtaking multicolored flora.

Among these, we will note the Floridas Islands, around Guadalcanal, from where we can see wrecks of boats and submarines of the Japanese fleet dating… from the Second World War! Uepi Island offers a magnificent trip in the middle of the flora, while Ghizo Island shelters under its waters a very impressive wreck of one hundred and forty meters.

Relax on the islands ...

Pratical information

  • tourist Office : visit the official Solomon Islands tourism website.
  • Silver : the currency in force in the Solomon Islands is the Solomon Islands dollar (SBD).
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