Why go to Mauritius? Golden sand and coconut palms!

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After about 10 hours of flight from mainland France, Mauritius looms after having passed another island, that of Madagascar. The Republic of Mauritius includes, in addition to the main island from which it bears the name, the island of Rodrigues. The latter also completes the trio of islands, with Mauritius and Reunion, which make up the Mascarene archipelago. The capital of Mauritius is Port-Louis.

Going to Mauritius for not (too) expensive, it is possible. Yes Yes !

Although Mauritius is often associated with a luxury destination, it is quite possible to afford a vacation on the spot inexpensively. For example, by using price comparators for flights or hotels on the internet. And why not go through a tour operator whose formula includes the plane and accommodation? On the spot, life is not very expensive either: you can eat tasty food in many restaurants and the markets allow you to buy handicrafts or spices without breaking the bank.

South Africa

Why go to Mauritius? It is rich in color!

Mauritius may also be of interest to hikers: inland, many sites of interest are within walking distance. A way of traveling that allows you to appreciate all the beauty of the landscapes. The village of Chamarel, for example, has the particularity of having a soil made up of very colorful volcanic rocks. Bright red, ocher, blue, purple: a real painter's palette! The Tamarin turret, also located on the west coast, allows visitors to admire a waterfall 100 meters high, at the foot of which it is also possible to go for a swim.


Discovering the lagoons

If Mauritius is so famous and so popular with travelers looking for a relaxing vacation, it is first and foremost for its lagoons, surrounded by a coral reef, and its beaches lined with coconut palms and casuarinas. To get a good overview, the ideal is to put your suitcases in a hotel in Trou-aux-biches. This famous seaside resort offers luxurious and comfortable establishments - which it is best to book in advance to have cheaper prices. They are particularly popular with newlyweds who come for a honeymoon on the island!


What happiness in Cap Malheureux

By staying on the northwest coast, there is a curiosity. A church, with a bright red roof, built in the small village of Cap Malheureux - a name given to it because of the many shipwrecks that have taken place in this area. This region of Mauritius also allows practice scuba diving or, a more affordable activity, snorkeling. Mask, snorkel, fins if necessary: ​​just swim on the surface of the water to find yourself among the colorful fish and admire the corals. These arguments should be enough to make up your mind and answer the question "why go to Mauritius"!

Diving in Mauritius

And why not take a little detour to Rodrigues Island?

From Mauritius, you can also go to Rodrigues Island. Much wilder and less developed from a tourist point of view that its neighbor, Rodrigues Island is a delight for travelers. They go there to appreciate a flourishing nature and coves where no one seems to have ever been, such as Trou-d'Argent beach. Here tourism is rather "green" as evidenced by the accommodation available: small hotels, lodges ... solutions that allow you to get in touch with the populations and share their customs.

Pratical information

  • Saint-Martin Tourist Office : Victoria House, Rue Saint Louis in Port Louis. Also visit the Mauritius Tourism Office website
  • Passport and visa : the visa is not necessary for stays of less than three months. A passport valid for 6 months after travel is essential.
  • Money and change : the currency is the Mauritian rupee (Mur).
  • When to go? Two periods are ideal for going on vacation in Mauritius: April, May, June and September, October, November. These are the months with the sunniest weather and the warmest temperatures.


  • Getting to Mauritius : there is only one international airport in Mauritius: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam airport. It is located in Plaisance in the south-east of the island.
  • Getting around Mauritius : In Mauritius, holidaymakers generally stay in a hotel and go on an excursion for the day. Due to the short distances, the taxi turns out to be the cheapest means of transport.

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