See you in paradise: why go to the Dominican Republic?

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The Dominican Republic is the number one tourist destination in the Caribbean., ahead of Cuba. And for good reason, it fully deserves the qualifier of paradise destination. Add to that modern metropolises full of comfortable hotels where you can shop diligently, and you have all the ingredients for a top-notch stay!

Cascade El Limon

Hispaniola, one island, two countries

Like other destinations such as the Seychelles, the Dominican Republic primarily attracts visitors not looking for architectural treasures, but rather lovers of rest and white sand beaches. It is indeed on the side of the natural wonders that the attraction of the island of Hispaniola lies., of which the Dominican Republic occupies about two-thirds East - the other part being occupied by the Republic of Haiti.

Beach in the Dominican Republic

Why go to the Dominican Republic? For its incredible wildlife!

The island's hundreds of kilometers of beaches offer plenty of activities. The fauna is particularly varied: from January to March, it is possible to go on an excursion in the Atlantic from Las Terrenas to observe whales, while Lake Enriquillo is home to crocodiles and caimans. The surroundings of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, are also suitable for scuba diving.

Whale off the coast

The heat of the nights of Punta Cana

After Santo Domingo, the main tourist destination of the island is Punta Cana. The city is home to two maritime natural parks where you can swim with dolphins, rays, even sharks. It is also a seaside resort famous for its nightlife. To go out in bars or nightclubs in the Dominican Republic, it is certainly here that it happens and we dance the "merengue" or "bachata" until the early morning ... This reason alone should answer the question " why go to the Dominican Republic ”!

Taste Dominican Republic rum

Epicureans on vacation will also appreciate the local gastronomy, a true pillar of Dominican culture. As for food, “Sancocho”, a meat and vegetable stew, is undoubtedly one of the star dishes. Thanks to the tropical climate, there are also excellent fruits - bananas or pineapples - as well as coffee or chocolate.
As for drinks, it is of course the rum or "ron" that takes the spotlight. It can be eaten plain or with lemon juice and a little sugar in all the bars and nightclubs on the island. To be consumed in moderation of course!

Santo Domingo Luxury Hotels

The capital precisely offers plenty to satisfy the appetite of European visitors. There are many hotels of all types : resorts with all-inclusive stays, large chain hotels or more typical accommodation. Unsurprisingly, in high season, prices increase and free rooms are scarce; therefore, it is better not to book your hotel at the last minute. This turns out to be all the more interesting that by booking online, it is quite possible to find a cheap room in Santo Domingo.

Discover Santo Domingo

Pratical information

  • Saint-Martin Tourist Office : discover the official website of the ministry of tourism in the Dominican Republic
  • Money and change : The currency in the Dominican Republic is the Dominican Peso (RD $). However, US dollars as well as euros are accepted and even preferred in many tourist locations.


    • Getting to the Dominican Republic : the island has several important airports. The two main ones are located on the outskirts of the cities of Santo Domingo and Punta Cana. Shuttles, buses or taxis then take you to the center of these towns.
    • Getting around the Dominican Republic : domestic flights are numerous in the Dominican Republic and allow easy access to the various regions of the island. For more autonomy, renting a car is also an excellent solution.
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