Papua New Guinea: a country full of surprises

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All the riches of the Pacific Ocean united in one country

Located in the Pacific Ocean, and more specifically near Australia and the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea makes up half of an island, called New Guinea. Since 1975, Papua New Guinea, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, has been an independent state.

What to see in Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea is distinguished by its magnificent landscapes, particularly varied. Many tourists are, in fact, won over by its mountains, tropical forests and beaches - for a cocktail that is not unlike that of Costa Rica in a completely different region of the globe!

In Port Moresby, the sublime zoological garden remains a must for visitors. Those who wish to explore the seabed will head for Madang lagoon, which is home to multiple marine species. Visiting this country barely smaller than France offers a total change of scenery and an unforgettable trip to the heart of nature.

Pratical information

Area: 462 km840
Capital city : Port Moresby
Population: 6 431 902 people
Official languages ​​: Tok pisin, English, hiri motu

Change : the currency in Papua New Guinea is the kina.
1 cinema = 0,32 euro. 1 euro = 3,17 kinas

Formalities: for a stay of less than three months, a short stay visa is required. For a longer trip, a work permit is requested, which is quite difficult to obtain.

Climate: equatorial climate throughout the country. All year round, temperatures are very high, as they are always around 27-28 ° C. They are accompanied by a high level of humidity. It is not recommended to visit the country during the rainy season (from December to April). At altitude, temperatures are lower.

Security: it is essential to exercise great vigilance, because the risks associated with & agraagrave; crime is not negligible.

health: several vaccines are recommended, in particular against viral hepatitis A and B and typhoid.

Getting to Papua: most international flights land at Port Moresby Jackson Field Airport, located in Port Moresby, the capital. Remember to shop around for a cheap flight to Papua New Guinea.

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