Why visit Sweden? Fly to the Far North

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Want to take off to the "Far North" for an unforgettable trip? Why not visit Sweden? She will open to you her arms cold and warm at the same time, for a stay between snowy landscapes, cobbled towns, festive bars and gastronomy most original.

Why visit Sweden? Discover Stockholm, the beautiful

Starting the visit to Sweden with its capital seems to make the most sense, as it is located further south and is therefore more accessible. Made up of fourteen small islands - a bit like Venice -, Stockholm is a multi-faceted city, where historical museums and typical restaurants share the cobbled streets.

Stockholm alley

There is something to do: the covered market where you can taste the dried reindeer, the architecture of the royal palace and the pretty typical Swedish houses of the Vaxholm district. Passing by the small caps of Gamla Stan where the cinnamon cakes and the meatballs are more than unmissable dishes. You will be able to walk in the footsteps of the heroes of Millennium, the saga of Stieg Larsson. There is also no shortage of bars to party and soak up the Swedish nightlife in the heart of the city center.

Stockholm under the snow

Around, water everywhere

After a little cultural dip in the capital, you will have to take your visit to Sweden a little further, starting with the magnificent Lake Vättern where you can visit the abbey of the same name, the castle as well as the small town. closer, Vadstena, very representative of Swedish life. To continue on the water, the Baltic Sea, which surrounds the entire capital, will also provide the opportunity for memorable sea trips. Not to mention the many fiords and rivers that offer incredible swimming in the middle of a fantastic wild nature. Why visit Sweden? For its unspoiled nature!

Swedish countryside

Heading north

Still not sure why to visit Sweden? For a trip to green, in summer, or to white, in winter, in the middle of landscapes that seem never to have been trod by man, heading north, towards Lapland. You will be able to offer yourself dog sledding, visiting typical villages, which offer delicious local cuisine like in Jokkmokk or Kiruna, and its colorful houses. To see one of the most beautiful European waterfalls, we will push the visit to the Storforsen waterfalls - 1000km north of Stockholm!

And to finish in style, direction Abisko Park for hikes in the middle of sumptuous scenery, where the sun is still at its zenith at midnight in summer, the lakes have amazing colors and the mountains peacefully protect the country.

Northern sweden

Pratical information

  • Stockholm Tourist Office: you can get information from official Stockholm guide.
  • Money : the currency is the Swedish krona.
  • Finally, to better prepare your trip to Sweden, do not hesitate to use our comparator to find a cheap flight and / or hotel.

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