Why visit Ajaccio: the Corsican jewel?

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Typically Mediterranean, Ajaccio, the Corsican jewel, offers at the same time old districts, a modern face and surroundings made up of islands, beaches, or mountain paths. Something to delight visitors looking fora stay alternating relaxation, walks and visits. Why visit Ajaccio? The port of arrival for travelers has many assets to offer.

Napoleon: the native child

Ajaccio was born in 1769 one of the most famous figures in the history of France: Napoleon Bonaparte. The future emperor also largely contributed to the development of his native town, making it, at the time, the only capital of the island to the detriment of Bastia. Very proud of “their” emperor, the inhabitants of Ajaccio showcase his heritage: the Napoleon Museum is a visit not to be missed, even for a short stay of just one weekend.

In the footsteps of Napoleon

Why visit Ajaccio: dream beaches and landscapes!

The main motivation for a trip to Corsica: its paradisiacal beaches. Ajaccio does not tarnish this reputation thanks to the many beaches that its bay offers. The water is turquoise and the region is full of still wild places that offer a dream setting. Ajaccio bay is also home to the Sanguinaires Islands, a rocky area whose rich flora and fauna attracts a lot of divers. The Ajaccian countryside also offers several hiking trails - less difficult than the famous GR20 - which overlook the sea in spectacular landscapes.

Beach in Ajaccio

A stay to appreciate the local gastronomy

The old town of Ajaccio brings together the most interesting districts of the city: colorful facades, narrow streets, market and its typical scents form a true concentrate of Mediterranean traditions. Many visitors take advantage of this to try Corsican gastronomy and buy local products. In addition to the huge variety of charcuterie - absolutely delicious - made from wild pork (figatellu, salsicia), the menus of restaurants are full of game, fresh fish and Corsican cheeses, made from goat or sheep. Isn't that reason enough to answer the question: why visit Ajaccio?

Ajaccio old town

Bars and restaurants in the city center

Besides shopping at the market, shopping enthusiasts will find what they are looking for in the more modern part of Ajaccio. In fact, it concentrates the boutiques of major brands and shopping centers where you can find all kinds of objects, local or not. In the evening, the district comes alive: the city center brings together many bars, restaurants and nightclubs and therefore attracts visitors and residents of Ajaccio.

Typical accommodation in the old town

It is in the old town of Ajaccio that we find the most typical accommodation. The charm of small hotels On the other hand, it appeals to a lot of people, so it is better not to go about booking your room at the last minute, especially in high season. Conversely, outside of holiday periods, good deals can arise and hotels offer cheap rates.

Pratical information

  • Saint-Martin Tourist Office : Ajaccio tourist office website.
  • Getting to Ajaccio : the city of Ajaccio is served by Napoleon Bonaparte International Airport. Shipping companies (Corsica Ferries and Corsica Linea) also make boat crossings from the ports of Marseille, Toulon or Nice to Ajaccio.
  • When is the best time to go? Take a look at our climate trends over the year.
  • Getting around Ajaccio : a bus network makes it possible to move around Ajaccio intramural without any problem. To make a trip to Corsica, bus lines leave from Ajaccio to reach the other towns of the island.
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