Why go to the Canaries? Volcanoes, beaches and tapas!

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The Canary Islands, Spanish territory, form an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean located 150 kilometers west of the African coast. There are many places to discover, the two best known being Lanzarote and Tenerife. Why go to the Canaries? A not far and not expensive destination for an extraordinary trip!

Why go to the Canaries? For the volcanoes and geysers of Lanzarote

The first island offers volcanic landscapes, mixing lava fields and sandy beaches. Lanzarote is still the seat of intense volcanic activity which results in active volcanoes and a ground strewn with geysers of different powers.

Canary Islands Landscape

Tenerife, in the shadow of Teide

The island of Tenerife also offers this mixture of landscapes covered by large expanses of lava or vegetation at ground level. By the sea, the coast is very steep, creating many natural coves. It is also the most mountainous island of the archipelago with Teide, the highest peak in Spain.

Canary Islands Beach

If you are still wondering why to go to the Canaries, know that the nightlife is very lively! There are all kinds of bars and nightclubs for entertainment at night. And if you like to bring back a souvenir of your tourist getaways, almost all the towns on the islands offer artisanal production markets : pottery, lace, basketry and woodcarvings.

Nazareth village in the Canaries

Whether you are leaving at the last minute or not, do not hesitate to use our price comparison to find a plane ticket or a cheap hotel in the Canary Islands.

Pratical information

  • Saint-Martin Tourist Office : visit the official Canary Islands website.
  • Silver : the Canary Islands belonging to Spain, the currency is therefore the euro.
  • Passport : Spain belonging to the area of ​​the Schengen Convention, you do not need a passport to go there.
  • vaccines : no specific vaccine is necessary. However, plan to do a tetanus vaccine booster and make sure you leave with your European Health Insurance Card to cover any hospital costs abroad.
  • When to go? All seasons are good. Unparalleled sunshine levels ensure a pleasant stay and temperatures all year round.
  • How to get there and how to get around? The fastest way to get to the Canary Islands is by plane. It is also the ideal way to link the islands together.
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