Why go to Hungary, the pearl of the Danube?

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At the gateway to the East and the Slavic world, Hungary has very varied influences. Why go to Hungary? To discover many tourist sites and unusual places: from Budapest to Lake Balaton, from the Carpathian mountains to the banks of the Danube ... Historically rich and a full entry into the modern era, Hungary can be appreciated in all its facets during 'an unforgettable trip.

Hungary's rich heritage

Hungary, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, has a thousand-year-old history. Its people, the Hungarians - or Magyars - are descendants of the Huns. It played a leading role in Central Europe for a long time before becoming the People's Republic of Hungary, under the influence of the USSR, after World War II. But it was also Hungary which was the first to break through the Iron Curtain by becoming the Republic of Hungary in 1989, then by forging economic links with the West after the fall of the USSR in 1991.

Óbánya Forest

Visit Budapest Castle

Budapest, the Hungarian capital, has traces of all the eras crossed by Hungary. The Buda Castle, where the kings ruled, dominates the city and is its main attraction.. This complex, as well as the banks of the Danube and Adrassy Avenue are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Strolling along this avenue, in addition to numerous stores for shopping, you come across the national opera, the theater district and several museums. One of the essential places to go out in Budapest. This is why going to Hungary will leave you with great memories!

A walk on the banks of the Danube

Considered one of the most beautiful cities on the continent, Budapest has that typical romantic charm cities in this region of Europe, just like Vienna or Prague. Thus, many visitors enjoy walks on the banks of the Danube, exceptional views of the city from the heights of the castle, or walks in Pest, the old town of Budapest, located on the east bank of the Danube. Budapest is indeed the meeting of 2 ancient cities, Buda and Pest!

Budapest Parliament

Pécs, the Christian city

Travelers who have more time in Hungary can also stop by the city of Pécs, founded by the Romans. This is'an important Christian town, its name meaning “5 churches”. Going up towards the North and Austria, one can also discover Sopron, another city of Roman origin, which has the particularity of being very close to Vienna and by extension of the Austrian influence.

Why go to Hungary for vacation? Relaxation at Lake Balaton!

Beyond Budapest, Hungary has many cities and places of interest such as the shores of Lake Balaton, quintessential vacation spot. There are typical towns such as Veszprem, the former city of the queens of Hungary, or the Festetics Castle in Keszthely. The region is also home to Hungary's oldest national park, the Tihany Peninsula. This relaxing region is also an opportunity to discover restaurants and Hungarian cuisine.

Lac Balaton

Paprika and Hungarian cuisine

Almost inevitably including a soup to start the meal, Hungarian cuisine is quite varied : stewed meat such as goulash, Viennese schnitzel or more generally paprika-based dishes. This Hungarian spice, derived from peppers, indeed accompanies many meals in Hungary.

Cheap hotels in Budapest

The 150 years of occupation of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century have also left many traces: Budapest has many thermal baths and Turkish baths where one can quietly relax after a long day of visiting Hungary, before joining his hotel. These, moreover, are often full in Budapest, especially in spring and summer because of the high tourist traffic. To find a cheap room, it is therefore better not to book your hotel at the last minute.

Pratical information

  • Saint-Martin Tourist Office : visit the official website for tourism in Hungary
  • Passport and visa : for people residing in the European Union or in Switzerland, an identity card is sufficient to enter Hungary.
  • Money and change : although Hungary joined the EU in 2007, it does not yet have the euro. The Hungarian currency is the Forint (Ft).
  • Weather : Hungary enjoys a relatively moderate continental climate with winters which can be severe and summers long and hot. The ideal time to visit Hungary is certainly September.


  • Getting to Hungary: Budapest International Airport is located south-east of Budapest. Two bus lines and taxis provide access to the city center.
  • Getting around Hungary: trains or coaches allow you to visit different parts of the country. For more freedom, renting a car is a good solution even if the road conditions sometimes leave something to be desired in certain regions of the countryside.
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