Why go to Estonia? when history coexists with modernity

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If its capital, the magnificent city of Tallinn, attracts a majority of travelers, Estonia is a country that has no shortage of assets to seduce... Estonia is a country in northern Europe whose the coasts are bordered by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. Theater of war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet army, it became after the Second World War a socialist republic integrated into the USSR.

Why go to Estonia? It is distinguished from many other destinations by its unique landscape which combines modernity and history. At the bend of a hotel with modern architecture, you come across old museums and a multitude of small friendly cafes. This is confirmed with the presence of vestiges of a rich history such as the red tiled roofs or the turrets of the castles centuries old.

Why go to Estonia? To see Tallinn, its essential capital

Estonia is part of the European cultural space, in particular thanks to the trade that passes through its ports. One of them is Tallinn, the capital, a magnificent city surrounded by an authentic medieval wall which, despite the years, is still well preserved. Magical and attractive, it is an interesting destination where it is good to spend a peaceful and unforgettable stay.

Tallinn from the sky

Estonia attractions

Still wondering why to go Estonia? She has become a fashionable tourist destination where one can admire houses and cobbled streets dating as far back as the 11th century during a walk in the city. Estonia also has many museums such as the Kumu Art Museum and beautiful natural landscapes such as Kadriorg Park and Catharinenthal Castle in Tallinn.

Cobblestone streets of Tallinn

The nightlife is also very lively, tourists can choose from trendy restaurants and nightclubs.

Cheap Estonia: a last minute stay

For a trip to Estonia, formulas with atypical circuits are offered. Tour operators are increasingly offering low-cost offers with all-inclusive packages: flight, stay, hotel, excursions.

Parc national de Lahemaa

Pratical information

  • Visit the Tallinn Tourist Office website.
  • Passport and visa : valid passport or identity card. No visa is required.
  • Health and vaccination : No vaccine is required for entry into Estonia.
  • Silver : The currency is the Euro.
  • When to go? The tourist season is very short in Estonia as it only extends from mid-June to the end of August. From September, temperatures drop and winter arrives from mid-October. The average maximum temperature ranges from -4 ° C in January and February to 20 ° C around July.
  • Climate : Estonia enjoys a continental climate. In summer it is relatively hot. In winter, it is very cold, even -30 ° C on certain days. The coasts in Estonia have a temperate climate. In the spring, the country is quite muddy due to the snowmelt.
  • How to get to Estonia?

    It is possible to travel to Estonia by air or rail. Estonian Air now has a direct line connecting Nice and Tallinn. Tallinn remains however poorly served direct from France. In addition to flights from Paris and Nice, flights with a stopover are also available. Don't hesitate to compare prices to find a cheap flight to Estonia.

    Getting around

    To get around the city of Tallinn, you can opt for walking. However, other means of transport are available and allow you to visit the city in comfort, such as buses, trams and taxis.

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