Why go on a stay in a club?

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A good inexpensive plan for your vacation?

The ideal solution for a family vacation

Today, there is no shortage of club vacations. Among all the players in this market, Vacanciel vacation clubs seem to be a real benchmark for family holidays and vacations.

In the mountains or by the sea, the holiday clubs allow you to relax for sure, in a sumptuous setting. Usually, these clubs are located near famous tourist spots and swimming spots.
Inside the club, everything has been designed for the well-being of holidaymakers with wooded gardens, play areas, indoor and / or outdoor swimming pools and many sports facilities (mini-golf, ping-pong tables, course in the trees…).

Entertainment is also offered every day, for young and old alike. Thus, you can enjoy a massage in the wellness area while your children will go on an adventure and play explorers in the company of animators.
And to avoid spoiling anything, Vacanciel holiday clubs often offer significant reductions for children. Enough to considerably reduce your vacation budget.

A stay in a club for adventurers

Adults also sometimes like to play adventurers. That's good news: holiday clubs weren't just designed for families! So, if you want to go on a hiking trip, the holiday clubs offer excursions for lovers of the great outdoors - for groups of 12 adults or more, with or without a guide.

Quality accommodation, regional cuisine and evening entertainment punctuate these hikes which take you to the Mediterranean coast as well as to the Basque Country, Brittany or Alsace.
Quality services, a very rich offer, reasonable budget: in the end, there is no lack of positive points for you to decide to go to a vacation club. By the sea or in the mountains, with family or friends, all you have to do is choose the destination of your next stay!


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