Why choose Tanzania? When nature rhymes with culture ...

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Nature offers all its variations in one and the same country. A dream destination for lovers of wide open spaces, all in a secure environment! Among all the African countries, why choose Tanzania? Here are our responses:

Why choose Tanzania? It is an extraordinary country!

What surprises without doubt the most in Tanzania is the presence of the animal and in particular of the Big Five, in particular the giraffe, emblem of this country. These animals seem to really be at home, they are the kings. You have to know how to be attentive and patient, to enjoy unusual shows. Hyenas, elephants, cheetahs and lions share these territories.

Couple of lions

The richness of culture

More than 120 tribes live in perfect cohabitation in this country. The Bantu tribe represents 90% of the population. The Maasai are the best known. By rubbing shoulders with these different ethnic groups, we discover all the diversity of ancestral traditions.. One more reason to know why to choose Tanzania! This contact also allows us to better understand their way of life and the legends which are very much alive. This country is undoubtedly a land of welcome and it seduces by the simplicity and the exchanges that are easily done with its population. We cannot remain insensitive to the charm that transpires from these lands.

Maasai dance

A generous nature

It's impossible to get bored in Tanzania, you can go from one landscape to another in a very short time: thus, Kilimanjaro allows you to try mountaineering and immediately after, you can dive into the Indian Ocean. Savannah, bush, immense beaches and mountains follow one another to please the eyes. National parks are an opportunity to indulge in safari.

Tanzanian Savannah

Discover Zanzibar, another reason to choose Tanzania!

Zanzibar is an island which has kept the imprint of successive cultures. Indeed, the Arabs, the Portuguese and the Sultan of Oman set out to conquer it. It has always fueled the imagination by fascinating travelers. It is an exotic and little-known island which particularly satisfies lovers of white sand beaches, scents and diving.

The paradise of idleness

Pratical information

  • Saint-Martin Tourist Office : visit the official Tanzania tourism website.
  • Formalities and passport : a valid passport is required to enter this country as well as a visa. To return, you will have to justify the possession of the return ticket.
  • Silver : the national currency is the Tanzanian shilling (TZS).
  • Language : the official language is Kiswahili but English is the first foreign language spoken. However, there are over 120 dialects.
  • Health : the vaccine against yellow fever is compulsory. Do not forget the international certificate of vaccination, it is requested when entering Tanzania and Zanzibar, by customs officers. However, it is preferable to be vaccinated at least eight days before departure. Other recommended vaccines: typhoid, diphtheria, polio, hepatitis A and B, rabies and meningitis A and B. It is essential to take a treatment against malaria with you, to ask your doctor before leaving.

Getting to Tanzania

If you are going on a trip to Tanzania, you will likely arrive at Julius Nyerere International Airport, located in the capital Dar es Salaam. There is another airport with international flights, Kilimanjaro Airport, which serves the cities of Arusha and Moshi.

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