Why choose an apartment rather than a hotel?

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Apartments and villas for rent all over the world

When you go on vacation in France or abroad, it is more and more in vogue to rent an apartment to a private individual rather than booking a hotel room. This formula has many advantages.

Less expensive accommodation than a hotel

First of all, the expense is lower for a family - this is particularly true in cities deemed expensive such as London or Paris. Parents can have multiple bedrooms and look after their small children while paying a lower price to that of several hotel rooms.

La freedom of movement is also very appreciable. There is no need to get up at a specific time to have breakfast, you can also prepare your meals on site or choose to eat outside. This formula leaves many possibilities to spend your days at your own pace and without time constraints.

The total change of scenery

Another of the main reasons for holidaymakers to prefer an independent apartment rather than a hotel room is the change of scenery, depending on the country where this accommodation is located. The more the aspect of the accommodation is removed from what we are used to, the more the change of scenery will be. And an apartment is always more personalized than a hotel room. The possibility of sharing meals or pleasant moments with the owner of the premises, especially if it is a homestay room, helps us to better understand the ways of living of others. While the hotel can be more comfortable and offer different services, a traveler will always remain an anonymous customer, unlike the nearby rental where he becomes a guest.

In short, renting an apartment rather than booking a hotel room when on vacation brings much more freedom, the possibility of discovering local habits and customs, of sharing the life of the locals for a while, of finding accommodation. much more typical and often at a lower cost.

Where to rent a holiday apartment or villa?

An increasingly popular solution for travelers, vacation apartment rentals are quite easy on the Internet. In particular, you can find apartments on, the leading specialist website.

There is no shortage of references and reading the opinions of other Internet users about the accommodation - and their owners - generally offers a good overview of what awaits you there. In short, the assurance of booking quality holiday accommodation!


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