Where to travel in May? Our advice to find your destination

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Temperatures as mild as the prices and tourist sites not yet invaded by tourists ... May travelers do not know their happiness! In France, in Europe or on the other side of the world, a wide range of destinations is open to you. In may, do as you wish….

Where to travel in the sun in May

The climate of Israel and Jordan is really ideal and the sun is guaranteed wherever you are. With temperatures around 28 ° and without risk of rain, it's time to visit Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and to explore the Jordan valley or the site of Petra, flagship of Jordan often described as the 8th wonder of the world. The tropical climate of the Seychelles with the little marked seasons allows a stay all year round (26 ° to 31 °), but it is during the transition months of the dry season and the rainy season (from April to the end of June then from mid-September to mid-November) that the sunny and little windy climate is ideal. Another possibility is offered to you to sunbathe at the edge of the Indian Ocean in Reunion Island unless you prefer a more sporty discovery of the island.


Getaway on the cheap in May

Greece is full of archaeological and natural treasures to discover without breaking your budget. The temperatures are warm enough, but still far from the overwhelming heat of the summer months. By leaving in May, you will benefit from a Paris / Athens ticket for around 190 € return (compared to 420 € in July!). You will also find stays from 369 € for Bodrum in Turkey, considered the Turkish Saint-Tropez, or for Djerba la Douce for € 220 (against double in summer). The same goes for destinations like Andalusia with a Paris / Seville flight for € 150 round trip.

Santorini in Greece

Family trip ideas in May

After this long winter, your little tribe dreams of escape? Escape with the family to the amazing Dolomites region in Italy. Its many lakes (Lake Cornezza, Lake Braies, Lake Tovel or Lake Rezia) will make you feel like you are in Canada. Live the extraordinary 4 × 4 adventure in the Moroccan desert. In the Dades valley, in the heart of the High Atlas, the oases are in this season illuminated by the roses of Damascus with voluptuous scents which are then harvested by the Berber women. In the spring it is not yet too hot, so it's time to visit Morocco, a country where children are kings. In France, a family stay on the Ile de Ré will meet all your expectations. Lined with cycle paths, the Île de Ré is a little paradise in the middle of spring when hollyhocks bloom.


Where to go for a romantic trip in May

Have you found the ideal partner who shares your passion for travel? Awaken your senses in Morocco by spending a few days in Fez, an imperial city rich in smells, in colors which will disorient you to the highest point. Live the great adventure for two in the United States in yellowstone park during a nature stay to meet an extraordinary wild fauna. In Europe, the island of Malta just below Sicily reveals an exceptional setting for a romantic trip. It embodies the perfect balance between urban spaces and unspoiled nature that will delight couples in search of comfort and escape in the heart of the Mediterranean. Prague and its enchanting historic center is another destination to discover as a couple. Finally, you will not resist the charm of Stockholm, where water is very present. In the Swedish capital with 14 islands and 57 bridges, experience sleeping in a floating hotel.

Yellowstone Park

Ideas for a stay in Europe in May

The sun and the good weather are slowly settling on the European continent with in some places almost summer temperatures, inviting to swimming but also to discovery. It's time to travel across southern and western Europe before the big rush in July. Go to Croatia, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Austria where temperatures above 20 ° and flowering vegetation are a real invitation to travel. Treat yourself to a spring getaway to the three Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia), to the luminous in Albania or in Romania on the Danube Delta to observe the ballet of migrating birds towards the end of the month. Put your suitcases on the islands of the Mediterranean like the balearics, Corsica, Sardinia or Sicily. Go breathe a big breath of air in Scotland and travel through the breathtaking landscapes of the Highlands.

The Highlands in Scotland

Where to go in May in France

Apart from inland, especially in the northeast where the rains continue to undermine the weather, the climate of France is ideal for vacation desires before the influx of summer tourists. You will thus have plenty of time to discover the Normandy coast with its famous Mont-Saint-Michel. First of all, take advantage of visiting the Châteaux of the Loire Valley and, during your visit to Tours, take part in “VitiLoire”, a large free and popular event on the last weekend of the month, intended to promote the wines of the Loire Valley. Visit the Vendée coast, But also the island of Oléron or the more intimate Île de Ré, known to be a cyclists' paradise. Treat yourself to a getaway in the Lot ou the Perigord. Finally, Corsica is still a safe bet. Fewer tourists, the sun is still there to illuminate unique landscapes… the Isle of Beauty is a key destination this season!


Asia, the best destinations in May

In Asia, there are few destinations recommended for travelers during this season. This is the case of India which is beginning its summer monsoon or of Sri Lanka which has already started it well. The only place still recommended remains Bali and Indonesia in general where the weather becomes dry again. Take the opportunity to relax on the beaches of Bali and Lombok. Japan also has pleasant and mild weather. The end of spring is also an excellent time to visit Mongolia or China where it is on average 20 ° and where we are witnessing the blossoming of flowers. Prefer a stay in the north of China on the side of Pekin or Xi'an which are still in the middle of the dry season and avoid the south of the country which begins its summer rainy season with showers which nevertheless have the gift of magnifying the misty landscapes of the mountainous regions. Even if India does not know its best climate, yet it is during this period that takes place Vesak, the biggest festival in the Hindu calendar which celebrates the birth of Buddha. It is at Columbo that the festivities are the most spectacular.

The great Wall of China

Where to travel in Africa in May

This is the ideal time to go on an adventure in the Moroccan desert (avoiding the borders of Algeria and Mauritania) before the sweltering heat of summer. Tunisia and the island of Djerba are also topical. The mercury is always good in Cape Verde or Reunion for a lazy day on the edge of the Indian Ocean at around 25 ° unless you prefer a sporting discovery of the island. Take the opportunity to discover in good conditions the Seychelles or Madagascar but also the Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Bostwana or South Africa and its many national parks.

Waterfall on Reunion Island

Traveling to America in May

Take advantage of the last moments to discover the West Indies or the Bahamas before the rainy season begins. The period is ideal for visiting New York or in a completely different register for hiking and climbing in Yosemite. Don't miss the biggest tulip festival in the world held in Ottawa (between the 10th and the 20th of the month) which commemorates the liberation of the Netherlands. Millions of tulips of more than 200 different species decorate the city, with a host of concerts, parades and fireworks. Central America is all yours and especially the west coast of Mexico on the Pacific side. It attracts both surfers in search of thrills and lovers of nature, old historic towns and timeless places. In South America you will be able to start to survey Bolivia which ends its rainy season but also Peru in particular the mountainous regions and the Andes Cordillera who experience a relatively cold and dry climate revealing peaks that are always clear.

Sud Lipez in Bolivia

Where to stay in Oceania in May

It's the right time to go surfing in Fiji or discover the Samoa Islands with a typically tropical climate. The rainy season has ended since April and temperatures range from 24 to 30 ° C in the air to 27 to 29 ° C in the water. In New Caledonia it is also the beginning of the dry season, cooler which will last until September with temperatures which nevertheless rise between 20 ° and 23 ° during the day. In New Caledonia at Nece on Maré Island (Loyalty) is organized at the beginning of May the feast of the avocado, the largest of this French territory to celebrate the end of the harvests. In Australia where the seasons are reversed compared to the northern hemisphere, the regions to visit are mainly Sydney et Melbourne which experience a real alternation of seasons and remain pleasant whatever the time of year.

New Caledonia

In May, there is no shortage of ideas!

Enjoy the first bath of the year, experience a change of scenery on the other side of the world, a family experience or a romantic getaway ... May's destinations will satisfy all your desires!

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