Where to sleep, hotels and accommodations Montreal

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodations Montreal

The Formula 1 Grand Prix, in June, opens the season of festivals and events of all kinds that stir the city until the end of September. During this period, book as soon as possible. The week of the international jazz festival, from late June to early July, sometimes sells out 1 year in advance!

Youth hostels

Canadian AJs Are In The $ 35.
Sheets and towels provided or generally available for hire; if not, plan a sleeping bag. Sometimes, your own linen will not be accepted because it may contain bed fleas, the fear of accommodation.
Most AJs also have private rooms, with private bathroom.
These rooms remain less expensive than those in lodges, and a fortiori than those in hotels. They are also less glamorous, as you should know ... In all the AJs, you will find an equipped kitchen and common areas (sometimes a simple lounge, sometimes a wildly lively bar).

PYou have to pay an additional $ 10 if you are not a member. Otherwise, the card costs around $ 25, is valid for 1 year, and can be purchased in the AJs of the HI network.

  • More info on hihostels.ca

Lodgings, inns, guest rooms

Rather than the hotel, we recommend the houses - the equivalent of our guest rooms or Bed & Breakfast -, also referred to in French-speaking Canada by the pretty and warm term Bed and Coffee. Montreal has nearly a hundred (but sometimes very out of the way). This is the opportunity to know Montreal from the inside. TheHome and the friendliness compete with theabundance of breakfast (included in the price). This breakfast (called "lunch" in Quebec) is also a real institution that often allows you to taste regional products and then eat very light for lunch, if at all.

In this type of accommodation, it is not uncommon for the bathrooms to be shared. The private bathroom inevitably raises the bill seriously.

Larger houses often house hostels, on the way between the lodging and the hotel. Often closer to the charming house, they are mostly in the "Chic" category.

In Quebec, including Montreal, the term Bed and Breakfasts and Inns is a renowned label awarded by the Association of Agrotourism and Gourmet Tourism of Quebec, which issues “Terroir & Saveurs du Québec” certificates.
Another very serious association, that of the Network of Classified Lodgings.

- Fumeurs: "smoking" is prohibited, but there is always a terrace, balcony or access to the outside provided for addicts.

- Families: mate with their customers ... The age limit is often set at 12 years minimum.

Hotels and motels

Here, it is especially the large chains which occupy the land: comfortable hotels, functional but expensive and not very welcoming. However, we find more and more beautiful independent or charming hotels, necessarily rather expensive ("expensive" in Quebec!).

The bedrooms always have a private bathroom. It's not uncommon to quosize, which allows room for a filter and a few industrial muffins to nibble on on the go.

Expect to pay a lot to park: up to $ 30 per day!

Good to know: during check-in, receptionists almost always ask for a payment card imprint to guarantee the extras (even if the bill has already been paid in advance via a website or by an agency). This is the custom in Canada.

Renting apartments or houses

An interesting formula in family (more space, the possibility of having meals on site representing a significant saving), but, at 2, not necessarily much cheaper than a hotel. Once again, everything depends on demand for the desired period, and the standard of accommodation.

For internet reform to put owners and tenants in touch (Airbnb type). The offer is very tempting: attractive prices, exponential choice in all styles, from the small functional studio furnished Ikea to the design loft through the bobo townhouse with garden in the heart of Montreal ... The most modest budgets can also do everything. just rent a piece of sofa.

  • Airbnb. Hundreds of rooms (with or without private bathroom), apartments, cabins and houses at all prices (from $ 60 to over $ 500 per night). By researching well and taking it in advance, you can rent some pretty amazing places. Be careful, the cleaning costs add up a lot.
  • VRBO. Person-to-person rental site, in English only.

See our practical advice on renting an apartment for the holidays.

Exchange of houses or apartments

This involves exchanging your own accommodation (whether you are an owner or a tenant) for that of a member of the same organization in the country of your choice. This formula offers the advantage of spending a vacation in Canada at a lower cost, especially for young couples with children.
Here are 2 proven agencies (plan ahead for the summer):

  • Intervac. Annual membership around 120 €, with the possibility of testing the service free of charge for 7 days.
  • Homelink International. Annual membership: from 125 € (for the same services).

See our practical advice on exchanging apartments.

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